Bear baiting

So, like, people need to stop poking the bear.
I get that it’s fun to tease GT until GT says something truly nasty, and then to titter away like schoolgirls about whatever nasty thing GT said this week, but I’m getting flashbacks to Harleen Ellison, Chris-Chan and other dubious celebrities who’ve been targeted in the past for having anger issues and a tendency to roar.

Can we just, you know, fucking stop?

Because the way this is escalating, someone is probably going to doxx GT, and that it’s on whole legal issue too.



Look: point blank GT didn’t actually say that in the way you think GT did.

And yes, I do think GT’s autism is an excuse in this situation.

This story has just been posted. I’m dreading what will happen in the comment section

Admittedly I was late to reading the comments on that drunk train story and the worst of GT’s comments had been deleated. So I don’t know the exact wording that they used.

However I don’t think anybody was intentionally baiting GT, except maybe Carolyn with her drinking game joke.

You accused AlienToasterRepairs of baiting GT into saying something nasty. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the point of that comment was to show how GT was wrong by taking the argument to a ridiculous extreme on purpose. GT was not expected to double down.

By your logic, AlienToasterRepairs is at fault for being the first person to mention to work murder. That GT wouldn’t have said drunk people who are murdered deserve it if the word had not been mentioned. By that same logic, I could argue that if GT is doxxed then it’s your fault because you said the word first. (For the record I don’t think that would be your fault, just trying to show how your logic is faulty.)

While it is true that autistic people struggle with communicating, that does not mean we get to say whatever the heck we like and not be held to consequences. GT’s autism may or may not be an explanation for what they’ve been saying, but it is definitely not an excuse.

This issue has been going on for long enough now that most regular commentators know GT has an issue with alcohol and they know how strong their opinions are. The people calling out GT for their toxic views on alcohol are not wrong for doing so, just like how it’s not wrong to call out a neurotypical person for having toxic views.


Carolyn baiting GT is exactly what seems to have happened to make GT roar this time, in this particular story Perils Of The Night Tube » ( ALL of GTs nasty things were in reference to Caroyln’s baiting. Either about the drinking game, or about Carolyn posting the drunken text from her husband (which… seriously, HOW was she expecting that to go? There was no way that was going to end positively). I’m still, frankly, shocked that GT attacked Carolyn over it instead of her husband.

Or, you know, in reference to other people mentioning the one thing that GT said that everyone considers so unforgivable that GT must be voted off of the island for it.

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And, in regards to that ‘unforgivable thing’ GT said…

The sentence that GT said, and the sentence that you heard are basically completely different.

Because GT most likely thought GT said “abusive people should be held responsible for their actions, especially their abusive actions and especially when their abusive actions bring them to harm”

and what you heard GT was “vunerable young women who underestimate their alcohol tolerance are fair game for predatory men”

And this sort of miss-communication is exactly because of autism.

And, you know what? GT is not wrong to associate excessive drinking with abuse. Probably less than 10% of people drink to excess, but 55% of abuse situations involve alcohol. It’s reasonable and sane to be wary of someone who’s been drinking to excess, and if you have difficulty judging how drunk someone is… and as a reminder, GT is openly autistic and probably can’t judge subtle things like that… it’s probably safer to assume anyone who’s been drinking recently is a threat and to stay away from them.

I mean, fuck, GT probably can’t even tell if someone’s been drinking unless it’s to excess.

But, like, I really don’t want to argue the morality of what GT said, because I do not necessarily share those views.

I want to point out that people are TEASING GT, that there’s a whole echo chamber that’s sprung up around GT that seems to be endlessly repeating GT’s latest roar, and attempting to poke GT some more.

You accused AlienToasterRepairs of baiting GT into saying something nasty. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the point of that comment was to show how GT was wrong by taking the argument to a ridiculous extreme on purpose. GT was not expected to double down.

I told Stephen I was going to stay out of further conversation about this but I just wanted to confirm that yes, it was an extreme example I was using to point out the flaw in their argument; not an attempt to get them to say something awful. However, it is also fair to say that I have referenced that conversation a lot since then and irrespective of my original intent that put a target on GT.

If I understand Valiants comments correctly, GT may not even really believe what they said and whereas a neurotypical person (and perhaps others on the autistic spectrum) may have ignored me, told me my comparison was ridiculous or used any number of other possible responses; in the heat of the moment they stood by the most awful interpretation of their argument possible.

And I haven’t let them or others forget it because until this conversation I understood that to be their genuine feelings on the matter. What Valiant is doing is basically telling me to STFU because if I and others don’t react to GT’s comments then they won’t escalate. They clearly can’t be rational on this subject to the kindest thing to do is just ignore the comments and move on.


Yeah, that’s a pretty succinct summery, thank you.


I disagree that the majority of people calling out GT are teasing them. It’s just calling out a belief they view as wrong as being wrong. It’s not worse that people replying to

Can you please stop using GT’s autism as an excuse of their words. It is not an excuse, and quite frankly you’ve been sounding eerily similar to my dad.

I think GT really does need help with their issues, but excusing whatever they say as being a result of those issues isn’t helpful to the people who are upset by those words.

It’s gotten to the point where GT is being treated like an anti-alcohol troll. Whether or not GT is intentionally trolling became irrelevant when they doubled down and refused to try to communicate. So of course commentators are going treat them like any other troll. They don’t get excused just because of their autism.


GT basically got turned into a troll by a vicious campaign of ‘othering’

People even comment on GT being the ‘Rape alcohol person’ on stories not about alcohol when GT comments.

And you’re blaming GT for that?

Remember that, to GT, rightly or wrongly… And most likely rightly from GT’s personal perspective which is warped for reasonable reasons… what gt actually thought they said was “abusers who suffer harm form the result of their abusive actions deserve the resulting harm”

If this was a neurotypical person they could go fucking heil hitler in the hall and play it off as a joke, but this isn’t.

And now all you morons are determined to drive this person off, and probably encouraging actual trolls to target this person. It’s going to end in tears.

Just let GT live it down for ducks sake.

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