Battle of the massage girls

I submitted this awhile ago, but it was never published. I’m suspecting I might have gotten a bit too longwinded, so I’ll make it a bit more concise:

I developed back problem from constantly sitting at a desk job and decided to seek a massage (not THAT type of massage with the X rated ending, just a normal one!). I found a massage parlor ran by a group of relatively attractive Thai girls whom all used Disney character names as their “stage names”, for lack of a better expression.

My first few visits were nothing notable, however one of the girls on hand named “Jasmine” was not a particular favorite of mine–she was rather rough with her fingers and she had a strange odor about her. I’m not particularly certain as to whether it was the clothes she was wearing or the certain food she was eating, but I decided after two sessions with her that she would be someone I would politely pass on when offered.

Then along came “Bambi”…an incredibly beautiful girl with a touch like magic that would put me to sleep throughout the entire sessions. I went from paying for one hour long sessions with her to two hour long sessions, and would give her a tip along with it all. This ended up igniting a serious problem.

Every time I would show for a massage, Jasmine would answer the door to tell me that Bambi was not there, and that all the other girls were busy. She would then try to pull me into a room despite my protesting that I was only interested in a massage from Bambi. It should be noted that there is a camera in the hallway leading to the door, so the girls will see the customers as they are approaching.

I then resorted to phoning in and reserving appointments with Bambi. This worked a few times until one day I showed up and said I had an appointment–a girl sitting at a desk looked at a computer screen with a puzzled expression and said that there were no scheduled appointments for Bambi. Right on cue, Jasmine pops up out of nowhere–wearing leggings so tight that it looked they had been painted on her and a shirt that could have barely fit a 7 year old–saying “I’ll take you!” and began pulling me to a room. This time I loudly protested, and they ended up producing Bambi for my requested appointment.

Later on, I appeared for another appointment with Bambi, and all was going smoothly until Jasmine walked into the room handing Bambi a phone and saying something in Thai. Bambi took the phone and excused herself outside of the room with an uncomfortable expression on her face, with Jasmine following behind and closing the door. I put my head back down into the face cushion and waited.

About 30 seconds or so later, I heard the door open and promptly close, and then felt a set of hands rubbing on my calf–I immediately returned to my relaxed state. This was shortly interrupted by the sound of someone frantically twisting what was clearly a locked doorknob, followed with a thunderous banging on the door and “SOMETHING IN THAI! SOMETHING IN THAI!”

I looked up to behold Jasmine with her grubby paws on my calf, looking like she’d been caught with her hand in the cafe tip jar. She rushed over and opened the door, and she and Bambi engaged in a screaming match in Thai while a third girl desperately tried to break the two combatants up. Once the situation was finally diffused, Bambi furiously slammed the door shut and walked to me yelling, “Can you believe that b*tch? She called my boyfriend and said I needed to talk to him about something really important–and she knows we’re having problems right now!”

After that incident, I decided to refrain from visiting that parlor for a few months hoping by then Jasmine would have either moved on or been fired by then. After booking an appointment with Bambi who was still there, I showed up–and who should answer the door but…Jasmine.

I wasn’t having it this time. I put my hand up and firmly said, “Bambi! I’m here for Bambi!” Jasmine replied, “Yes, massage with Bambi. Please come in.”

She lead me into a room and pointed to the massage bed, casually saying, “You can get undressed.” I decided not to make any further moves until Bambi personally walked through the door.

As I stood there fully clothed and pacing in a semi circle, I noticed Jasmine was still standing there were an expectant look on her face.

Me: “…Bambi! I’m here to see Bambi!”

Jasmine: “Yes. Bambi!”

(awkward silence)

Me: confused “Bambi! I want Bambi!”

Jasmine: “Yes! Bambi! Me! You book a 2 hour massage, I give it to you, you always like, you always pay and give big tip and say I’m the best, and you always come back for me! pointing to herself Bambi! You just forget what I look like because it’s been very long time. Please undress.”

I left and never went back again.


what a story! I think you should have complained to the manager or something. Since “Jasmine” is NOT “Bambi”.

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I’d love to get a massage, but I’m too scared to end up somewhere sketchy! Now this! Haha!


Oh man that was just completely bizarre and unprofessional! It makes you wonder what was going on between the two of them.