Bandgeek8408's book vs. movies the musical: Faerie Tales vs. Disney

Due to the Pinocchio related story on NAR story today I thought I should share this Books vs. Movies the Musical: Faerie Tales vs. Disney, review by bandgeek8408.
This NAR story

If you remember @Stephen’s “Fantasy and Sci-fic Quiz” thread, I posted after the Quiz was off my “Joker” which was first of three parts of the Bandgeek’s Lord of the Rings review. It’s basically was a “sequel” or I should say in “Bandgeek8408” terms, “tie breaker” for this review

I gave too much exposition there, so onto the actual review:

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

(if anyone wants to know what the previous “film noir” books vs. movie review was about, what’s just say it was about a Rabbit and a human detective).

Oh and if you guys need to do know if you get to the credits, why the male “director” (as opposed to the female Pretentious Director) character is called the Scottish Reviewer just ask.

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by the way is anyone able to hear over the music in the love interest song and in the recap song what Cassie actually says in Act 2 and Act 3? I think in Act 2 the love interest song Cassie I think says “Aurora has a eerie meeting” to go with Jeffery’s “Snow White had a Moment”, and Reg/Hatter’s “Cinderella a dance”. And in the Act 3 recap song of “the 6 ways Disney movie screw with fairytales” I think Cassie’s line is “love interests have more of a presence and more screen time”

because the two previous verses are “good guys can often be found with their virtues built up while they been torn down”/“the bad guys go the other way/they do most anything to make the good guys pay” and 3 verses after Case’s lines is “What carries the movie in the end/are the sidekicks and the comics and the animal friend/They introduce these subplots too/just in case the primary plot falls through/the animation is the best/even though at times its a little bit obvious”

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