Bad Bus drivers

In 2008-2012 I went to college. It was during this time I had to take buses (in this case public transit) to school for the first time. The other sets of my school year I could walk to school. Well in order to get to and from the college I had to take two buses. Let’s call them the “G” bus and the “T” bus. The street where the two intersection on the “T” section there’s a Canadian Tire store At the time the G bus after dropping passengers off at the “G” bus stop would turn left onto “T” street and there’s another bus stop there. Now The G bus passed by my house and I would get it in the mornings and take it up to “T” street. and vice versa when I’m coming home. The T bus stop to go to college was at the time, on the other side of the street fro m Canadian Tire store

Now one day in my first year of taking the bus -despite ringing the bell at the right time. The driver didn’t let me or another person get off at the “G” bus stop and made us get off at the then G&T bus stop and the “T” bus was coming right then… there was no time to go to the crosswalk and wait for the traffic lights… I jaywalked across the street.

Now in my 2-3 years (I had some problems with a class in my program which is why I was still going to school). There’s was a SmartCentre plaza being built opposite right of the Canadian Tire. Well infront of the Smart Centre Plaza there’s a bus stop “T” and the first time, when I rang for that stop the driver didn’t let me off there, but at the “T” bus stop and said “no one stops there” and another time I went further on the bus to “BK” street to see if the “BK bus” was any better then the “G bus wait” but someone else was forced to get off at the “T” bus stop infront of Canadian Tire instead of getting off at the SmartCentre’s bus stop instead despite pulling the cord at the correct time.

I was not really impressed with where they put the “G” bus stop for students trying to go HOME from the college because well let’s just say to get the “G” bus stop you need Captain American’s running skills. Especially if the “G” bus was coming RIGHT THEN and you’re on the corner of G&T at the SmartCentre’s “T” bus stop.

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Once when i was younger i had a bus driver who was always late ALWAYS late . once i was sleeping and said bus driver thought i wasn’t there (elementry school bus) and skipped my stop i woke up to see I was very far from home I was in downtown Calgary in Canada Alberta so far (you guess where I lived)