Backtrack one street to get home

Background: Okay, I might be naïve in someway and this story shows. All that is needed to know I was coming home from my job and the street I had to backtrack to at the time of the story didn’t have any sidewalks.

Around October of 2013 (might have been 2014)… I was going home after doing my volunteer job at my church at one corner there was some workers doing something about I guess wires above the corner, and maybe in a tree? I was on the same side of the sidewalk (because for the last couple of years Mom has had us walk on that side for shade?)-and they wouldn’t let me cross… I was very upset and I had to backtrack one street, and go down it. And continue one or two blocks, and go up the street to get home. I was very upset about my routine being upset, Since I never had to deal with a situation like that before… so I had to ask my parents later about it.

I mean I might have been able to cross left and then straight across. Since I would needed to be on the left hand side of the street anyway once I got to the main street but I wasn’t thinking probably at the time due to a routine being changed. But you never really know.