Babies leading babies

This happened about 4 years or so ago. To set the scene: I was living in an apartment where there were lots of stray cats. I found one drinking dirty rainwater off of a tarp on my patio and felt bad so I started putting fresh water out . . . then food . . . then shelter . . . then a covered feeding station to keep rain and snow out of the food. I started referring to it as ‘Hobo Cat City’ and it had a handful of regular ‘residents’. I got involved with a local TNR (trap-neuter-release) program to get the handful of cats who showed up on my patio regularly fixed so none of them had kittens on my patio.

At one point, one of the area kids (a boy about 5 or 6) had asked about the stuff and I explained that it was a place for homeless cats to get food and shelter. Some time after that, I get home to find a kitten wandering around in front of my apartment and the little boy trying to grab it. There’s a severe thunderstorm right on the horizon.

Me (picking up the kitten): is he yours?
Boy: no, he doesn’t have a home so I was trying to put him in your place for homeless cats so he’ll be safe.

To make a long story short, the kitten had been a gift to some kids in a neighboring apartment complex where pets weren’t allowed. Mom wasn’t consulted about the gift and was scared of getting evicted, so she kept letting this little 11 week old kitten ‘escape’ the apartment in the hopes that it wouldn’t return. The kids tried selling him to me at first, I finally got the whole story from mom and offered to make sure the kitten got a good home. It was a holiday weekend, so I set him up in my spare room. My cat ‘adopted’ him over the long weekend so the good home ended up being mine.

The kids got to see him once in a while until I moved away and I kept the name that they’d given him. I just always treasure the innocence of that little boy trying to get this kitten to understand that it was homeless and needed to stay in Hobo Cat City so he’d have food and shelter.


The ‘homeless’ kitten indoors during the storm enjoying his dinner. The crate was just a temporary set-up for the weekend to make sure everyone was safe.


Today really is an onion day…


I’m crying. :face_holding_back_tears:


He looks a lot like my Oreo (or like my Oreo did as a kitten anyway). Sweet story.