As the holidays approach

In the upcoming weeks, there will be many opportunities to offer toasts when sharing food and drink with friends and family.

What is your favorite toast? Mine is an old Spanish one:

¡Salud, amor y pesetas. . .y tiempo para gastarlos!

Health, love and money. . .and time to enjoy them!

It’s that last bit I really like.

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One word, short and sweet. There’s little worse (on the grand scale of things) whilst someone prattles on as the ice melts in your drink. Do you keep holding the glass or put it down, potentially missing the timing of the toast Vs having your drink dilute further and further?

However, when drinking whisky with a friend at any time of the year:

Toast: Slàinte mhath! To your good health!

Reply: Slàinte mhòr! To your great health!

French Toast, with beans and sausages.

As with CJR, a simple “Cheers!” tends to be common within my circles, although there’s also “Chin-Chin!”, which may have crept into the family lexicon when my Grandfather was stationed at Sek Kong…