Arthur Easter Eggs Part II

This time around I’m going to say what the Easter Eggs are in this picture from Arthur… and if I can remember the episode I will say the title

movie star glasses (Arthur’s Eyes)
World’s Largest Pizza -(The World Record)
Bobin- (What’s that Thing?)

Tower of cows (from a variety of episodes but first seen in “Double, Double Tibble Trouble” )(Note: just realized it’s a play on a line from Scottish play aka Macabeth)

the Goose from Confuse the Goose (board version first seen in “Arthur’s Almost Boring Day”- it’s the one where Grandma Reed says “it’s only a good day for ducks”. The Virtual game is seen in “Sue Ellen gets her Goose Cooked” it had a virtual sequel game (Best of the Nest- but I don’t think anyone won since they gave up after they “died” or gave up -“did you know the way to scare off a bear is by doing the hokey pokey?” )

2 Woogles (Arthur Rides the Bandwagon)

and the (last one I actually recognized) the Green Potato chip (“Chips are Down” ) … there are others Easter Eggs in other pictures from this episode

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There’s been a lot of famous people whom had parts on the show (as either themselves or as a version of themselves or a relative of one of the Arthur gang’s families). The first one was Mr. Rogers and the very last one was Marc Brown himself. Unfortunately due to the bike scandal two episodes got pulled and one (cancer episode) got re-written so that the episode could still be aired but the other one is still pulled.

I’ve never seen Arthur, but if you were to press me for guessing what anything on there is, I’d say one of the heads is of Albert Einstein

the Wooggle heads? Yeah I think that was Brain’s Wooggle. Since the Woogles kind of matched something about the character. Muffy’s was fancy, Buster’s was silly, Francine was sporty,

on another note of Arthur -ever since an eposide called “The Seceret Life of Dogs &Babies”… that Kate Read, Arthur and D.W. 's baby sister and the dog can “talk” as can other babies and animals (Francine’s cat, fleas, other dogs).

Some people didn’t like that idea but I viewed it as a nod to two different storybooks. One being-the prequel to Peter Pan (ie: Peter Pan in Kensington Garden by JM Barrie) and the actually Mary Poppins books by P.L Travers. Because in both book(s) that it’s said that as babies we can 'talk" to animals but we lose the ability while we get older.

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