Are we going through another round of all comments getting flagged for no reason again?

Once again it seems that comments are getting flagged as spam for no reason.


When did this start? This time, i mean

sometime in the past 2 days

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A comment I posted in this story: Little Kids Like To Flap Their Gums » was reported as spam mere seconds after I posted.

Other stories I have posted comments on that got reported as spam are…

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hey there, thanks for letting us know about this issue. If it continues or you notice certain posts, ie the one down thread having more of a problem than others, please feel free to ping or message the team.

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Just happened again when I replied to this: Women Are, In Fact, Very Much Human Beings » using a gif from giphy

I’ve DM’d you to get more information about this issue.

Here’s a link to a comment flagged as spam. Given the response, I’m guessing the comment isn’t spam

yup, not spam

Once again posted a comment here: Susan Versus Switzerland » and was immediately flagged as spam, by me. HOW???

We’re looking into this on our end - it may be another Disqus issue, which will hopefully get cleared up soon.

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Just posted this comment:

“Because I’m the one deciding. If you want to go around insulting fast-food clerks, well… I certainly won’t bankroll it.”

"Also, I have a Master’s degree in IT security and couldn’t get a job other than here. I know artists who make bank and then some just doing art for others. Art is not worthless. Everything around you, everything you use, watch, read and listen to is art in it’s purest form. She has a better chance of success than you ever will.

on this this story: I’d Like The Foot-In-My-Own-Mouth Combo, Please » and the comment was reported as span the instant I posted my reply.

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We’ve made note of this issue being ongoing. It appears to be Disqus-related and should be resolved on their end soon.

Note that if you include … in your comments or edit them after posting Disqus may flag them as spam.

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I’m pretty sure part of this thread has been removed. Someone (can’t remember who) responded to me saying that the documentary was really good, which sparked a mini-debate as to whether it could be good if it had incorrect information.

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll take a look and see if any of the comments were flagged by the system.

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I’ve had this happen to me for a while. I thought maybe there was someone that didn’t like me that marking my comments as spam. It’s good to know it’s not just me that this is happening to. Unless there is someone that doesn’t like all of us and is marking all of our comments as spam

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If you DM me with your username/email that you use on the site, we can look it up and approve any comments Disqus flagged on accident.

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I’ve had one of my comments flagged as Spam after it had been up for 2 hours. It’s under story FIRE AT WILL! »
(Animated GIF of Gina from Brooklyn 99)

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