Are all submitted posts either in Unfiltered or in an NA_?

If a post was submitted and you can’t find it in either Unfiltered or one of the main sites, does that mean it never actually got submitted? Or can a story be removed altogether (other than breaking the rules, obviously)?


All stories do eventually make it somewhere. Bear in mind, however, that our queue for some categories is months out. So if you haven’t seen your story yet, chances are it’s floating around in the queue waiting to go up, whether it’s going to be Unfiltered or an edited category.

Another member here has suggested a system where we can inform submitters of whether their story has been received and when it might go out, and I have no idea whether that’s something in the pipeline for us or not, but at this time, the best you can do is be patient! :slight_smile:

I put in a story using the anonymous submission form a couple of years ago. It got uploaded in a few days. Emboldened, I put up another one. That one disappeared into limbo until I put it here on the forums. I got a reply saying it had been uploaded, but the given link is something else.

Looks like I was wrong, but I thought the whole point of Unfiltered was to contain all submissions before they get edited and posted “properly”.
EDIT: I have just checked the post announcing the Unfiltered category, and it looks like that I did, in fact, misunderstand its function.

Thank you! I was just wondering.

That’s a good idea, honestly. I might make an expanded post in the other forum next.

I’d be curious to know what the approximate turn around times are for the various categories, barring being held back or pushed forward for relevancy.

I’ve noticed Related can be about 10 days to a month or two for the few I’ve submitted. Friendly is about 8 months. Working is about 4 or 5 months. No idea about Legal, Healthy, Romantic or Learning.

Right is a long one… last year I saw one of mine pop up that I had submitted about 6 or 7 years prior!