Apparently we were invisible, I guess?

I posted this on dinnersfromhell and thought I’d share it here. This happened a couple of years ago.

My friend, her 11 year old daughter and I went to a local village today for their Scarecrow Festival, a tradition that we’ve been enjoying for about 7 years. Before getting started, we went to one of the restaurants for lunch.

We arrive a little after 11 and are seated right away. The waitress brings our menus and takes our drink orders. When she returns:

Me: I’ll take chicken salad on a croissant with American cheese and mayo on the side please.

Friend: I’d like roast beef with horseradish sauce and a bowl of French onion soup.

Daughter: I’d like a house salad with ranch dressing and chicken fingers.

The waitress leaves and comes back a few minutes later:

Waitress: Where did you see roast beef?

Friend: On the menu.

It turned out that they had new menus they started today, and the one my friend ordered from was the old menu. Friend changes her order to a crab cake sandwich. No problem.

Food comes out.

Daughter: This isn’t ranch dressing.

Friend and I try it and we both agree politely that it’s not.

Waitress (bringing out new dressing with an attitude): Try this one.

The ranch was right this time (we’d determined the first one was creamy Italian). I politely remind her about my mayonnaise which she had forgotten.

For the next forty minutes our waitress ignores us. Doesn’t check to see if everything is okay, doesn’t see if we would like refills. I never get my mayonnaise. She serves the tables around us, since it’s gotten busier now. But she walks right by us and looks right at us but ignores us. We’re finished eating but she doesn’t even come back to take our dirty plates. My friend and I are both getting pissed, but she’s keeping it together because her daughter is with us.

Finally, after we’d been there an hour, she FINALLY comes back to our table and asks if we’d like anything else. We say no and that we just want the check and she leaves. Five minutes later:

Waitress: Hey I just wanted to double check. You didn’t need anything else right?

Us: No.

Ten minutes after she first asked us, she brought our check out and then we had to wait another 5 minutes or so before she took the card to run it, and then finally came back with the receipt. She got a $2.99 tip on a $60+ check.

We didn’t blame her for the first two things. They were out of her control. But the attitude and the fact that she ignored us for most of our lunch is inexcusable


I mentioned this on another thread. But I didn’t get asked at Red Lobster restaurant about which side I wanted to go with the Seaside Shrimp Trio dish. And a server is suppose to ask that. He gave me broccoli but he was suppose to ask if I wanted, Broc, fries, or rice. I put it down to the server being new (I might have discovered NAR around that time). Dad still thinks that the service was “bad” at that restaurant. and he also didn’t understand why I didn’t want broccoli

I was a waiter at a pizza place and had a hot slice of pizza thrown on me and I still gave better service than this waitress.


I admit tipping culture is foreign to me, but something came to mind while reading that. I was wondering if you were dressed or acting in any way that made her think you were bad tippers? Years of reading NAW have made me realise that some wait staff assume a customer will be a bad tipper, so they deliberately give bad service… and then when the customer tips poorly, they feel vindicated that they didn’t waste their time on the customer.

It’s a self fulfilling prophesy type thing.


The the fault lies with the waitstaff for judging a book by its cover.


I absolutely agree with you, KillerTomato. I’m not excusing the waitress. Just wondering if that was her reasoning.

As I said, I don’t have much experience with tip culture myself since Australia isn’t a tipping country. It was just something that came to mind as I read the post.

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Nope. I mean we were dressed casually but we weren’t slobs or anything. We’re also older, both in our 40s so we’re not kids and we don’t have the typical Karen look or attitude. Lol The thing is that this is our normal place to go to when we’re in Peddlers Village.

It’s possible that she figured after the first two mistakes which weren’t her mistakes she wrote us off and figured she wasn’t getting a tip.


I wanted to mention that I did get in touch with the manager a day or so later. We were going to say something that day but it was lunch time on a Saturday and they’d gotten busy (they weren’t when we got there as they had just opened). At that point we just wanted to leave.

The next time we went back we were given free drinks and 20% off of our check. We were treated like royalty.


I think she figured we were POed because of the salad dressing and the menu problems which actually weren’t her fault and decided she wasn’t getting a tip. So what was the point?

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I can’t really get past chicken salad on a croissant :open_mouth:

It’s not really that different to a chicken and salad sandwich, is it?

For me it is, to me a croissant is a sweet snack, like in the same category as a Danish or other pastries :sweat_smile:

I did a quick Google to see if I was crazy (I mean, I am but shhhh :P) and Google suggests that it can be both sweet and savory. It has suggestions ranging from tuna (which is one of the toppings I expected), chicken… all the way to pastry cream, ice cream and chocolate.

To me, this is similar to the tuna filling and more of a savory thing.

(ETA: Though I must also say that there is no such thing as a wrong food combination… Except bacon. anything involving bacon is wrong. Fight me :P)

I didn’t mean to come down on anyone’s food preferences, I’m sorry if it came over like that.

For me that combo almost makes me shiver, my brain screams “eeeew”, because it’s pre-conditioned to associate croissants other marmalade :sweat_smile: It definitely doesn’t mean the food is bad.

There’s a saying in Swedish: “Smaken är som baken - delad” meaning “preference is like your butt - divided” :sweat_smile:

Not a problem. It actually was quite tasty. Because the croissant was light and flaky it brought a whole new level to the sandwich.