Anyone freeze dry here?

My husband and I are looking into getting a freeze dryer. There’s a company that offers layaway and my friend and her husband have two, and they love them.

may I ask what freeze dry means? I never heard of the term before


It’s a way of preserving food. When food is freeze dried it can last 20 years or more. You simply add water to it or you can even eat the food as is.

Here’s a link that tells you more about it.

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Interesting, never heard of this either. For me personally I don’t see any real perk or use. Sounds like something one might need if you are able to grow a lot of fruits etc yourself :slight_smile:

Not something I would have any use for. I usually want to eat whatever I have within a few weeks of getting it, so something that extends it by years seems like overkill

Well, I use my freezer a lot, I can see how being able to store stuff on a shelf long-term, instead in the freezer, could work for some.

Not for me, though; I have a vacuum sealer that I barely use for the stuff I freeze.

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