Anyone else getting really tired of the recent bot invasion?

I feel like I never really used to see bots in NAR’s comments but now it feels like they’re everywhere! I can deal with the occasional spam comment (except for that brief time they were including… pictures in their comments. Yuck), but it seems like they’re getting bolder. And, now they’re getting really sneaky since they’re just upvoting random, legitimate comments to get attention but not so much that they get mass reported :slightly_frowning_face:


If you look at how they reply, they are always at the end of the top thread, either replying to the top comment, or the top reply of the top comment. Basically, anything to get them as high up as possible.

I downvote them, report the post then report the profile.

At the time of day i see them, it’s about 6am, so not likely to be many moderators about.

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There was a suggestion in one of the comment threads that brand-new posters’ comments be held for moderation, for their first week or until they’re an approved poster or whatever. I don’t know whether that’s feasible on the software or moderator end, but if it is, that’d be pretty nice on the user end.

The problem with that is it is likely to dissuade genuine new users. A far better approach would be to identify if they have made identical posts across multiple stories within a certain time-frame.

Not all time, because I’d get screwed over, given my occasional recycling of old jokes!


The spammers came over from clients from hell. Unfortunately we didn’t just get their stories, but also their bots.


Bringing this back since they’ve gotten so much worse the last couple of days!

I’m not sure if this method is more effective or not than reporting each individual bot, but I’ve been trying to report their “communities”/the sketchy websites they’re actually posting on to Disqus directly via this form:

Hopefully, this mess stops soon :weary:


The “smooch bots” seem to be gone, but too-good-to-be-true employment offering spambots are still going steady… and it’s somehow especially annoying whoever unleashes them can’t even be bothered to write in correct English (" I’m creating 88 US bucks per-hour for freelancing from home." – unless that freelancing involves minting money, no, you’re not “creating” 88 US bucks per hour :stuck_out_tongue: )


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