Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo?

I’m using it for finishing my young adult fantasy novel. I’m up to over 10k words. So anyone else participating?

I’m trying too but I keep getting distracted by gaming. I just have to finish the Aladdin gen, and then start on the Snow White gen (and finish it) and then I’m done!

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Good luck.

good luck to you as well. But now I’m really stuck. I’m need to know what I;m going to do in the Aladdin ciimax with Aladdin “Street rat” friends. I mean it’s not like I can ask @Stephen if he knows any rodent puns for me to use? (puns for barrels, sarcophagus, and a statues are also options)

Since like in the 1992 movie, the monkey is going to be turned into a toy, the carpet back into thread and my Jasmine is going to be trapped in an hour glass (but Jasmine’s the last one which gets trapped) but between the carpet and Jasmine, Aladdin’s three “Street rat” friends will try to help). I’m going to see if I can find a copy of Aladdin musical (live theatre) online to see if the three friends did any help there.

Not ig-gnawing you, nor trying to weasel out of it… just thinking of how to post the mice puns in one reply.

Should I charge you? Probably not, as I don’t know the going rat


tnanks but I ended up with other ones

I’m so close to being done… I’m just need to start Gen 8 but I can’t do that until I find a way to uproot for a final time the Norman family