Anyone a fan of horror movies?

I just finished watching the new Scream movie. Great movie. Ok spoiler alert below.

I was so sad that Dewey died but I wasn’t surprised. He had so many close calls over the other 4 movies his lives were sure to run out. I also figured out the one killer.

Ok now that I got the spoilers off my chest make sure that if you comment on what I said in the spoiler space you use spoilers too.

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I’m not really a horror movie fan. I mean I might be able to stand some scary scene in Disney movies (cough the Evil Queen turning into the hag cough and the climax of a lot of Disney movies). But i think if I was going to 'branch out" the most horror I could handed is stuff like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho where its what’s the word, implied? instead or the 1930s Frankenstein.

i mean I still get spoked by some of the “darker” stuff of the TV kid’s show of Arthur (even if it’s an earlier episodes like from Season 1-?) or Wishbone (which hadn’t been on in years).

Even though granted, I did like Pattycakes Productions song from last year (er two years ago?) which had a lot of nods to “Horror” pop culture movies (the guy in the hockey mask, “Here’s Johnny” from King’s The Shinning", Chucky from ?, Beetle Juice from the movie of the same name, Ghost face from the franchise you mentioned) or in some cases B-movies (cough Rocky Horror Picture Show cough). Want me to post the video here?

It’s a bit weird, I’m not a horror fan, but in Gen3, Gen 4, and Gen 6 I use Sims 4 poses which have to do with horror movies, for nightmares and there’s going to be a few more in Gen 7

Actually in all three cases, out of the four cases I use songs (well in the last one Gen 7 I use two different songs but I’m thinking of adding a third song in the same chapter) in the same chapter…

In Gen 3 David Swanson (Formerly, Landgrabbie)‘s song is the Friends’ TV show Theme song. the song being “played” in Gen 4 the song being “played” is Pretty Little Liar’s theme song “Can you keep a secret?”) there’s no song for Gen 6 for the nightmares (Which will all but one will come true) but in Gen 7 I used Swift’s “Look what You make me Do” song and the late Jackson’s Thriller song. I’m thinking of adding a third song (the “Bump in the Night” from Pattycake productions)

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I used to love horror movies until I started taking the pill. Got too emotional after that.
I’ve been off hormons for like 10 years, but people being in pain, deliberately hurt or terrorised makes me super duper sad, so I still can’t watch them.

I do like thrillers though


@PublishedAuthor here’s the video I promised

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I’m a wuss, I hate horror. There are a few “horror” movies I like that aren’t actually scary at all. One which is on my mind recently has been “Livescream”; the sequel is coming out soon and I’ve already pre-ordered.

I haven’t watched a horror movie in a while, but I used to be big into them. Evil Dead (Both versions), Hellraiser, Alien, Event Horizon, The Conjuring, all good. Less into things where it’s just a dude killing people. My most recent favorite is Get Out, which some might argue is more than a horror movie but that’s some elitist nonsense. But then I noped out of Hereditary when the sister’s head popped off and haven’t had a desire to go back since. Glad you enjoyed Scream, you reminded me I should probably get back to Ash vs Evil Dead, which isn’t really horror it’s wacky horror-themed hijinks and is awesome.

Hey, does the Conjuring have a Nun in it? Since I believe she’s one of the horror characters which “appears” in the “Bump in the Night” music video I posted above. She’s was the only one I couldn’t identify

PS: I read in a Non-fiction book about racism, that Get Out sort of shows the problem of racism in away

I like horror as long as it isn’t too horrible.

check out the Bump in the Night music video, i posted earlier

I don’t remember a nun in The Conjuring, though it’s been a few years. I’m pretty sure there’s a Priest, but the two main exorcists are not clergy of any kind.

Get Out is absolutely about racism, it’s just also a horror movie about body-stealers.

The nun was the only one I didn’t recognize. Apparently she’s in Conjuring 2 and then had her own movie in 2018, The Nun.

Nice video with pretty decent production values! Now I want to watch Nosferatu again!

Just 52 days until Dracula is live-blogged again, on May 3:
Dracula Blogged

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I didn’t know whom she was either until I shared it with someone on the Paralives Discord in a private chat. I could name almost all the others -just the nun and the ghost-face I couldn’t name originally, Slimer from Ghostbusters-the original, Chucky from a Child’s play, Jason from Friday the 13th series, Myers from Halloween series, Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street, Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, Gremlins from Gremlins of course, Cousin It, The Thing and Uncle Fester from the Adams Family, Pennywise from I.T., Jack Torrence, The Shinning, Elivria (a Tv show hostess from the 80s?) and of course, Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula

I’m not sure but but does the “girl from the well” from what I believe is called The Ring series show up in the “Thriller Dance” part of the video?

Yeah Pattycake Productions is really good, there original videos used Pop star’s songs, and kind of did stories of fairytales like they used Swift’s songs and did a remake of 2015’s Cinderella, and they did a version of Beauty and the Beast with Justin Bieber’s songs, and they used Ariana Grande with The Little Mermaid, they used something, I think Spears? songs, with Snow White. But for over a year now they been doing original music and started a series called “Disney Villians Lair” and the costumes and acting are so good, its like the animated characters have come to life.

Their last video posted recently was Haunted Mansion with a “Villian’s room” and the (live) action villians sang an original song. The live-action villians included: Capitan Hook, Queen Narissa from Enchanted, a OUAT’s version of Evil Queen aka Regina, Audrey as “Queen of Mean” from Descendants 3, The White Witch from Narnia, the Wicked Witch from “Oz the Great and Powerful” and 2015 version of Lady Treamine, and Jafar from the Aladdin movie from 2019?

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