Any former retailers still get nightmares about it?

I keep having nightmares that I’ve been hired back into a retail job, but I don’t have my uniform, I’m not on the schedule and/or I’ve missed the first day, you get the picture. I thought the “not ready for final exams” dreams were bad - these are worse!


I have a friend that I met in therapy who has retail PTSD from the abuse she suffered from co-workers, superiors, and customers. How she dealt with it for 10 years I’ll never understand, but she’s told me some of the nightmare things she’s had to deal with.
She told me she once had a dream where she was at one of her former jobs (she quit after the stress caused her to lose her hair) and she had to explain why something wasn’t done; and she said it had turned into a trial after and she had to be put in the dungeon of the store. THe sad part is, it was very close to the reality of what happened (She got suspended for not training someone, though she was not a trainer and it was her boss’s job to do so. She ran to the union and they had a field day with it, but the store was retaliating against her and caused her a lot of stress)


I still remember working at Caldor during the holidays and not being able to sleep because I’d literally be scanning and bagging in my sleep as in going through the motions.

I used to, about one particular store which was also my first job. I went to a different store while at university and realised what good treatment actually was. I honestly didn’t believe you enjoyed going to work for the first two years of employment.

I still get anxiety driving by the store, 15 years later…

Every time I walk into a Khol’s I get a little queasy. I worked there when they first popped up and at first I LOVED it. Until their “customer is always right policy” became obviously just the worst. Example: The Kohl’s I worked at was in a not so great neighborhood, so increasingly over time we would see these addicts come in and “exchange” clothes. The first few times it was like A shirt. Or A pair of pants. but as time went on word spread like wildfire. One night this lady (I use that term lightly) came in with a yard garbage bag, the HUGE black ones, FILLED with clothes. I mean dirty, smelly disgusting clothes. Clothes that I am certain were pulled out of dumpsters or something. They exchanged EVERY. SINGLE. THING. and not ONE item of clothing was a Khol’s brand. It was insane. The other example is why I eventually quit. We were having a huge sale, like Khol’s does. It was a sale on bathroom items. Décor, rugs, shower curtains etc. Of course there were a few exceptions and in the ad it showed which brands were not included in the sale. These were the top of the line brands think $50 for a trashcan type thing. One day this sweet older lady came through my line and she purchased the whole line of bathroom stuff, two sets actually one for each bathroom in her home. However, as I’m sure you guessed by now they were part of the line that was NOT on sale. But we didn’t know this until I got done ringing EVERYTHING up, and because everything but the towels and curtain were breakable, I carefully wrapped and bagged everything so it wouldn’t break. Mind you I had to bag it lightly because she was a bit frail. When her total came to over $500 she said “no dear these are part of the (whatever sale).” I double checked everything and saw that on the flyer it specifically listed this line as not on sale. I explained this to her and even offered to input my 10% employee discount and give her some Khol’s cash for the mis understanding (we weren’t allowed to do this but at this point, fuck it am I right?) She flipped out. This was I’m sure, the first Karen sighting ever. Since this was over 15 years ago. She literally took the heavy ceramic trash bin and chucked at me. Luckily she was frail and I was younger and nimble. She cussed me out and left. I was traumatized. I asked my manager if I could take a break after all that and she said, your break will be while you un wrap and put everything back. Like WTF??? I quit a few days later.