Another tag question from your humble editor!

Hi, folks. Me again. Y’all may have noticed that we’ve been sourcing some of our stories from Reddit for the last couple of years. Some of our most successful posts come from the Malicious Compliance subreddit. We’ve also had a few non-Reddit stories come through that fit the theme of malicious compliance, too.

Those stories tend to get tagged with “Instant Karma”, as the author’s Compliance usually causes some direct consequence to someone’s ridiculous demand. However, the editing team here has been tossing around the idea of introducing a special tag that relates directly to Malicious Compliance. The catch is that we’d prefer it not to just be “Malicious Compliance”; we want to be able to highlight that type of story but we don’t want to steal the subreddit’s idea.

So, we’re looking for suggestions! What sort of word or phrase could we use to tag stories where someone follows through on an unreasonable rule or instruction to prove to someone how unreasonable it is?

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Be careful what you wish for


Malicious compliance is not a reddit invention, it’s a real world term that the sub used as their name. Don’t overcomplicate things, use the correct term.


“You asked for it”


Monkey’s Paw.


How about “Exact words”?


I agree with Callyn. ‘Malicious compliance’ isn’t ‘the subreddit’s idea’; it’s just what the behaviour is called.

Refusing to use the term because Reddit does would be like refusing to say ‘vegan’ because r/vegan exists.


The only issue I see with having Malicious Compliance as the tag is if you decide to tag stories specifically as being from r/MaliciousCompliance instead of Reddit in general. Even then, you could tag the subreddit as either r/MaliciousCompliance or Malicious Compliance Reddit.


Thank you all so much for the suggestions and feedback. It’s all been written down and the editorial staff and I will definitely find it helpful in our upcoming discussions!