Angry, ticked, boiling, and a lot of other words for being mad

Y’all, my apartment building almost caught fire because of a stupid tenant, and even dumber builders.

So, as I was trying to settle into bed, tonight, my bladder made it quite clear that I had to get back up.

I got up, did my business, and as I went to shut off the light, a shiny line under the switch cover caught my eye. Guys, my lightswitch was leaking water!

Immediately, I turned off the light and went to kill the breaker, just to be safe. Going back in to investigate, I checked the wall for any other leaks, brushed my hand over the switch again, and noticed that the bottom screw was hot.

The search now became checking for other hot spots in the wall. There weren’t any, so I deemed it safe enough to call my husband at work (security at a casino), and ask him to come home. He’s the trained electrician, not me. There was no way I was taking off the plate, because I wouldn’t know what to look for.

He came home, shut off the appropriate breaker (apparently all the lights in the apartment are on a single one. The one I hit was for the plug next to the sink. Equally important, but not what I wanted), popped the plate, and…

The f**king switch isn’t grounded. Not even remotely. The guy who installed it didn’t even try… The heat was because it was trying to find ground and nearly lit up. I could have been shocked and possibly killed.

My husband decides to call the fire department non-emergency, since the switch is already cooling down thanks to the right breaker being thrown.

The firefighters take note of the switch’s condition, and head upstairs to see if they can find our mystery leak’s source.

It was a repeat offender. A few months ago, 304 overflowed her bath tub and caused water to seep from our baseboards in the bathroom. This time, she’d overflowed her portable washing machine, which she’d hooked up to the bathroom sink and forgot about.

She doesn’t even need a portable machine! We have a laundry room!

So yeah, imbecilic builders didn’t bother to ground our light switch, and crazy lady nearly caused an electrical fire and put over 30 people, including at least 2 children, on the streets because she forgot a washing machine…

We’re sitting here, without lights, until the landlady can get shLt fixed…

How’s y’all’s nights been?


Just because you have a laundry room doesn’t mean someone doesn’t need their own washing machine. The luxury of not having to fight over available machines, time slots, people removing and ruining your clothes … That should not be denied someone.


That purely sucks, and I’m sorry. I’m glad you noticed it and knew it was an issue, that your husband had the immediate expertise, and that you got the fire department involved!

Now what? Is your landlady likely to do all the right things here? If not, can you get out of your lease based on the wiring/safety issues?

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The maintenance folks are coming by around 830 this morning to look things over, so we should be back in business some time today, provided the other light switches/outlets are all above board.

I’m just grateful my son was so calm through it, and I was clear-headed enough to take the right steps. I’m usually so nervous in unknown situations.


I’m glad nothing worse happened! Electricity scares me :open_mouth:

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Maintenance has come and gone. They said that the switch looks good, and it feels like the drywall has dried out, too. But they’ll be back next week to check in and make sure no more water has leaked. They will be grounding the switch.

I’m not entirely certain what will be happening to 304. Maintenance said that the portable machines are banned because of problems like this in the past, but I don’t remember reading it on our copy of the lease (the old yearly. Landlady has been month-to-month for a while now). So I haven’t got a clue.

At any rate, our lights are back on and there’s no more water. So all’s well that ends well, I guess.


Huzzah. Several cheers for power and for dry walls.

Is maintenance (or your husband) also going to check all your other outlets for grounding, there being clear problems with that one?


Yes. They just want to give the drywall a bit more time, and check for mold while they’re here. This electrical setup hasn’t been updated since 1989… I wish I could say I was surprised by the level of lazy, but…

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