Amusing coincidences

Let’s talk about funny coincidences. Last night we had a cold front come through and a short but wicked storm. I’d just started playing a new app called Figgerit where each number is a letter and you solve 4 or 5 words and you get the Figgerit at the end. Well this was the Figgerit during that very short storm. Lol


About two weeks ago, I was at my aunt’s house keeping her company while she made food in advance for a family friend and her daughter, and for my mother who would all be coming in from out of state in a couple days. While we were making deviled eggs, my mother just randomly texted me “I heard deviled eggs”. I’m still not fully convinced she isn’t psychic.


I come from a small, unimportant town in Sweden, no one knows it and that’s not a loss.

In one of my lit classes, which is through a university completely unrelated to that town, a German guy lives in my home town and is married to a girl I went to school with.

But that’s not the end of it!

The city I live in now (in Germany) is only ten minutes from his home town :smiley:


Wow. That’s wild.


Yum! Love deviled eggs. But yeah that’s funny.

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The egg donor remarried a guy with the same last name as the town my family lives in. Also, her maiden name is the same as the maiden name of one of my dad’s friends I don’t like much and also the last name of the guy who harassed me.

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