AMIBU for not wanting to walk to the gym?

AMIBU for not wanting to walk to the gym?

I used to go to the gym three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday&Fridays). I haven’t been in a coon’s age even before the pandemic. The problem I found is that my parents want me to walk the 29mins to the gym-do a half-hour’s worth of exercise and then walk back home (another 29) mins. And on Wednesday it was even worse- since I had my volunteer job to do at church-so that is a 32 min walk from the church to the gym. Then walk 29mins home after the gym.

The worse time to go to the gym was during the winter when it was snowy. You see part of the route for me to go to the gym is going over a bridge which is an overpass(?) for a highway- and there’s some kind of metal thing in the road and one of it’s um “arms” goes up into the sidewalk. So when its snow on the ground it means I could easily fall and hurt myself. And that doesn’t even count the small lockers they have in the change rooms-like literally they have no place to put shoes except in cubby holes you might find in a Kindergarden classroom underneath the lockers and due to bowling I’m paranoid of someone taking my shoes/boots. So I had been stuffing my shoes/winter boots into the tiny locker along with my winter coat, backpack, and “street clothes”,

And my parents hated that after a couple of years I tried to get two bus back home. They say the walk is part of the exercise. But when 29-32 mins to get there, In the Field house I would do some bike, some treadmill, and before I stopped going, and sometimes I would do the track around the basketball courts and I would also do a stair exercise machine and then I would go into the weight room and do some weights-I did give a nickname to at least one of the weight room machines -I called the back weight machine the “coffin machine”, Then I would get dress and come home (29 mins).

So AMIBU for not wanting to walk to the gym to get exercise?

PS: Sorry for no pictures-since if I posted pictures it would give away the town I live in!

If nothing else, the walk should work as a decent warmup/cooldown, allowing you to just start & end your sessions with a quick stretch, and then straight onto the machines, reducing soreness and chance of injury.

You might also be able to skip the track & treadmill — and, depending on terrain, the step machine — as covered by the walk (especially if part of the walk too the gym is taken as a jog, instead.)

Your issues with the lockers sound more like something to query with other gym-goers (to ask what they do about them), or the management (to ask if they have considered larger lockers, or lockable doors on the shoe cubbyholes)

I have to cross up to 9 streets just to get to the one street I turn up to get to the gym and only two of the nine streets have traffic lights . Walk a way on the “Turn up street” go up and over the hill which also serves as bridge over a highway-and this is the part which is treacherous-there’s a metal bar in the road-and near the end of the bridge-part of the metal bar (I say bar for lack of a better word)-justs up and onto the sidewalk- which means if there’s snow covering it. I can’t see it and slip-I have fallen there twice in winter due to the metal “art”. Then after the bridge I have to go around on the sidewalk through an older park and then I’m at the gym (the other option would be to go the long way past the old park). Sure there’s sidewalk the entire way there. And going from the church I have to cross something like 7 and 1/2 roads and only one of those roads have traffic light. But most of the rest is the same as above.

The only thing I can say about this gym is the key word of the gym is “Accessible”… so that they can’t have bigger lockers because if they did some people might not be able to accessible them because there’s I think two rows of lockers+ the cubby holes.

I don’t think there’s a point talking about the gym goers because unlike me- they either a)take the bus or b)drive or are driven there. I’m probably the only one who has to walk to the gym. Or at least one of the rare ones. But I think the few others who do walk to the gym-at least they choose to do that. I’m not I have to do that. The only exceptions is if I have a fall at the gym (either when I did some track or I fall off the stair machine-once).

Yeah the gym is accessible… but there’s just one problem I found-the building is made to be um more suitable for like a more humid place-like B.C. or California. So I think that might be a reason why there aren’t bigger lockers.

A walk can be exercise but as you say, most gym goers don’t see it that way. And it isn’t as intensive as gym exercise.

I do not recommend running on road: I did that for a while, long ago, and basically I gave myself arthritis in my knees. But I didn’t have the right shoes.

It just that I have to walk both to and from the gym. Like I said from my house I have to cross like 8 roads. And then on the bridge there’s the metal arm on the sidewalk which is a death hazard because like I said- when I did go to the gym in the winter-I have slipped TWICE on the “metal arm” spot because its hidden by the snow. Then after doing all that exercise I’m more exhausted then when I got there and then I have to do another 29mins back home. From my house to the gym its 29mins- but from the church (which I only have to cross 7 and 1/2 roads) to the gym is 32 mins longer. Then I have to walk the 29mins home.

There’s only one alterative route to the gym-and that’s through the local train station but it means I have to doge cars in the 2nd parking lot of the train station. so its either a)slip on the bridge hazard in the winter or b)doge cars in the other parking lot of the train station to get to the gym.

So it’s like I have to choose between two evils. When I could take option Three and take the buses back and forth- or at least one’s there a bus running by the house again. Or at least take a bus part way back home and not have to worry about slipping on the bridge hazard.

I mean imagine trying to put winter boots, a winter coat, snow pants, street clothes and a backpack in a locker which is only big enough for summer clothing basically? I mean the boots certainly wouldn’t fit the unattended cubby holes which are underneath the lockers.

Like I’m wondering how did shoes not get lost at that gym in the change room? Since at bowling a couple of boots had gone missing from people from my bowling league and those were in more view of people then this change room.

The locker thing sounds like a red herring, since you need the locker even if you take the bus. What I can’t figure out is why your parents care if you bus (unless you are asking them to pay for it?) Personally, if I could spare 1:30 every time I wanted to go to the gym, I’d just make the walk there and back part of the workout (so no treadmill/cardio at the gym, just focus on the other stuff there). But I don’t see the issue with taking a bus, as I said, unless it’s a money problem. I was expecting you to say your parent wouldn’t let you borrow the car for it, which I could see them having a say in.

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since I can’t/don’t drive. My only choices are 1)walk the 30mins there, do stuff at the gym (treadmill/bike/track and then the weight machine) and then walk another 30mins home. 1.5) There’s the other option of dodging cars in the other half of the Go Station parking lot.

2)Walk 30mins to get there, do the stuff at the gym and then take a bus to (Go Station) and switch to another bus which (one day might go back down my street) or goes to a cross road two streets from my street (which is what would have to happen currently-since there’s no buses going down my street at the moment).

The 3rd option is have Dad picked me up (and he would only pick me up if I had an accident (ie: falling off the stair machine/falling on the track), or the weather is thunderstorm or very heavy rain.

And part of the walking is an issue because on two parts of the bridge over the highway there’s a metal arm and when there’s snow I can’t see the metal arm which means I can (and HAVE slipped) in at least one of the arm’s spot. (here’s a picture of an arm in question)
metal arm

Now for the lockers think of something like this:

but small like these:SI4_37355GRY but imagine what I can only call “cubbyholes” below the lockers for shoes and they have no doors

How much stuff do you think would fit into the 2nd sets of lockers? Even if I was to take the bus in both directions-I would still need to wear snowboots, snowpants, headband, scarf, coat and gloves just for the wait of the buses. That’s not even counting my backpack and on Wednesdays-lunch bag as well.

These are the lockers at the actually gym-I couldn’t get any closer then this in the Virtual tour (I should check the lockers at the family bathroom area to see if they’re any different-ok I can’t with the tour since the lockers are on the outside of the family bathroom)
gym's lockers. Yes the gym is accessible in terms of equipment and bathrooms- but I’m one of the few people who have to WALK to the gym and back. Most of the other people can either drive/are driven to the gym-but my parents want me to “walk both ways because it’s good exercise” despite the hazard of the metal arms. And people who drive/are driven don’t have to worry about snowboots being in the lockers or a bunch of other clothing-like I do.

And no my parents don’t have to pay for my Presto Card-which I use to travel on the bus (I’m only started talking the bus home as of 2016 when I got the Presto card when I was too exhausted to get home on foot after spending about an hour at the gym). I get there at 12:30, change clothes do stuff in the field house, and then switch to the weight room and I’m done by 1:45pm.

A presto card (they’re like Oyster cards in the UK) Presto card

PS once stuff gets back to normal and I get the “community funding” I’m still waiting for- the government could reimburse me for like the presto card or taxis to take me to the gym and back.

That sounds like a horrible route to walk, hazardous in bad weather (that might be fairly frequent), and not a good exercise at all, since you can’t keep a good rhythm. It’s totally reasonable that you don’t want to walk there. If you have 1:30 hour to spend on exercising, it would be a lot better to take the bus and spend something like 30 minutes (total) en route and 1 hour at the gym than 1 hour walking and just 30 min at the actual gym.
About the lockers - I admit I have skimmed parts of what you wrote - but would it be possible to use 2 lockers?
If you feel like pressing the gym about getting new lockers, you could point out to them that not having enough space for shoes and snow wear poses an accessibility issue for you, and that they could have part these small lockers and part of larger ones, so that at least half of them will be accessible to people with mobility issues, for example.

Yes the one time I showed Mom the lockers (same picture as I showed in the my last post of the gym lockers)- Mom suggested I used two lockers-but that would mean I have to remember two different combinations of house lockers-and since I haven’t used a locker since 2018-I would have trouble even remembering one locker combination.

I wish I could remember what the lockers looked like outside the family bathrooms.-but at the moment I can’t…I think they’re bigger (but I believe I’m wrong and they’re identical to the ones in the main change rooms )-but I feel having the lockers for the family bathroom outside the bathroom is unsafe. They can’t make the locker too big due to the fact everyone of all Abilities go to this particular gym -wheelchairs, blind folks, maybe deaf folk(?), Down syndrome, autism, etc. The inside is accessible in terms of disability but the lockers and the outdoor style is more suited to a warmer climate like California’s

But what if they told me to “put the shoes/boots in the cubbyholes” what am I suppose to tell them then? The cubby holes are too small for my boots and for shoes-I’m concerned someone will steal them if I left then unattended in a unlocked cubbyhole- “That I know people who have left footwear unattended at things and their street footwear were taken”

and that’s just one route. The other route would be walk to the train station, go through the pathway to the 2nd parking lot and doge some cars in the 2nd parking lot and be across from the Park basically behind the the gym. Actually in 2016 or was it 2017? i had to do the 2nd route because work was being done on the first route-and one time I called Dad to pick me up from a house on the 2nd route-since it was raining and Dad yelled at me for “going backwards”.

But my parents want me to basically “walk up hill both ways” to get to the gym because “it’s good excerise” ( like I’m going to school in the 1930s or so /s).

It just it began to be a chore having to walk back and forth because my parents didn’t want me to have to use the bus despite I was the one paying for the bus. I mean I don’t really need the gym anyway-I been loosing weight in the last 17 months-then I had during the time I went to the gym. I do miss the accessible weight machines though. I didn’t mind going to the gym (it got me away from Dad’s lunches) but the problem I have is the needing to walk to the gym and back. The lockers are a additional problem

I did fall twice at the gym-one time in 2017 ( I will fall a couple weeks later at home) -I was doing the track. And in 2018 (?)- a couple of weeks before Mom fall outside our neighbour’s house on ice- I fell off a stair machine (but it was due to my own foolishness-I somehow mistaken 20 as 2mins or something) and both of those times Dad picked me up when I called.

I think when they didn’t want me using the bus -I started being annoying and calling Dad to come get me since “I didn’t feel like I could walk home since I was too exhausted”

I have a friend who has to walk 4 minutes to the gym. Taking the car takes 3. Yes, we make fun of him, but I completely see this is different from having to walk an hour total to go there. I don’t think you are being unreasonable at all.

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