AMIBU about wanting programs for traveling touring show?

My Mom and I went to see an outdoor play yesterday. The website puts it in a “oomph” on King Henry V. You have to read the site carefully to see the other 2 plays (Henry IV) which are all of Act 1 of the show. And I didn’t know until like 1/3 way into the show it was also Henry IV and I had never seen Henry IV before and I was expecting the entire play to be only Henry V. which I have seen before

Before the show started I saw people having what I will call a “snack booket” which came with at least cookies (which are extra) and the way it was folded looked to be like what you would expect a program to look like. But when I went to ask about a program I was told it was digital this year.

This morning when I got up I went to Facebook and scrolled to the the travelling company’s Facebook page and in a Facebook comment. I recommended that for future productions they could have at least some paper programs for the show. A woman who had no connection to the company said it was a “Waste of paper” but yet she obviously didn’t notice the other waste of paper /s.

Without a program… I had no way of knowing until 1/3 of the way through the first Act that it was Henry IV when I was only expecting Henry V. Especially, it doesn’t help when the website puts an “oomph” on only Henry V.

Honestly … it’s 2022. The world is moving on. Like it or not everything is becoming digital.


You’re not unreasonable to ask, but you asked and got an answer already. The vast majority of people have a cell phone with a data plan, you’re an outlier and they’re not required to cater to you.

You could get a cell phone plan with data for $20-$25 Canadian, it might be a good thing to look into. A lot of your problems could be helped by having a cell phone.


To echo the others at this point in time you are the outlier. They probably wont go through the trouble to reinstate paper programs just for the vast majority to use their phone.

A less wasteful/ more likely suggestion might be to ask them to post a cast list on their website/fb page that you could print out before the show.


You’re not particular unreasonable with your desire. However, the responce (which was not from a related person) is true, paper is bad for the environment. It’s also expensive, and as you name it’s an outdoor travelling theatre, it’s probably cheap or free, while costs are pretty high already.

So desiring is no problem, making a big deal out of it if it doesn’t happen IS a problem.
Also, the tone in which you express your desire, based on mentioning your favourite meat in here, could be unreasonable. Asking for it, no problem. Demanding it, problem. Calling out meats during asking: Also a problem.

P.S. Maybe a pet peeve of mine, but we all know what you mean by bacon. By doing it like this ALL the time, you are still cursing, just using a different curseword, and making all the stories where you use it come across agressive and giving them a bad vibe.


I get your annoyance with QR codes, my phone won’t scan them. So wanting another version that you could access isn’t unreasonable. But if that other version isn’t available then it’s pretty much just tough luck.

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I might be in the minority here, but I tend to prefer hard copies of programmes. Digital ones, you’re relying on links not breaking if you want to re-read them.

Hard copies, you can keep forever if you’re careful. I’ve got copies of Doncaster Rovers match programmes from the 1950s - the decade my parents were born! Going completely digital robs future generations of this.

I’m sure the theatre company has an archive of past programmes, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want a hard copy for your own collection.


I don’t think it’s that small a minority. I too would prefer a physical copy, however in my case I know it’s going to be tossed that night or max a few weeks later. So for the sake of spilling, I understand the change to digital.

EDIT: wasn’t done yet, I also feel that having it somewhere easy to find, not relying on a QR code, where you can neatly print it yourself is definitely not a big ask.

Paper programs are superior in most use cases except if you’re the one paying for them. Shakespeare in the park is less likely to be making money than a troupe playing in a theater, I don’t blame them for going all digital.

The unreasonable part is not wanting or asking for paper programs, it would be if someone demanded paper programs.


I also can’t use digital options - I do have a phone but don’t have a data plan, because I would use it so rarely it’s not worth the money. It also doesn’t take into account people who don’t have internet-capable phones (yes, they still exist - I use one for my calling and texting, so even if I did have a data plan it would be useless on that phone). I would definitely be annoyed if they didn’t have the option of a paper copy. And they can print fewer while offering both.


except the person who answered me was in no way, shape or form had any connection to the travelling Shakespeare tour. And my parents wouldn’t let me have anything then a "bare necessaries " phone if they would let me have one.

As some others said after your post what about wanting to reread them afterwards something you might have problems with QR code link breaking and also QR code could cause another problem if their internet source is Rogers and Rogers company has another shutdown like they did last month? And I pretty sure I’m not the only one who is an outlier. I mean if I had read a program while waiting for the show to beginning I would have known from the start the play was Henry IV part 1&2 and Henry V since I was expecting it all to be Henry V. But I did know until like 1/3 into the play it was part Henry IV plays as well.

And it’s a travelling company so its donation base. “You pay what you can” but people whom can pay $75 can help “less fortunate” people come to the play

It’s who not whom. And when we went to our concert we didn’t get anything either. The tickets were on my friend’s phone. If we wanted something we had to buy it. Like others have said it’s 2022. And it’s in the middle of a pandemic so it’s less likely they’ll be just giving stuff out.

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and Mom and I went to an in-person play last Month and we still got an program at that event. And we’ll probably get a paper program when Mom and I see CC next Tuesday

It would be nice to have a physical copy. Yes I would have liked to have one too. Maybe it’s a cost thing too? Printing costs money.

And I should say Dad doesn’t like the idea of me being responsible for the “phone bill” if I had a cellphone on my own and he never liked that idea when Mom first suggested it in the Circa 2016-2017. But then he also didn’t like the idea original of me going to the “disabilities gym” either in 2013 either… so

This wasn’t on posters/fliers/the internet anywhere where you could have read it before you decided to go there? You often go to things where you don’t know what it is?

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Then they run into minimum print requirements and things like that. Printing lower quantities can more than double the price per piece and it might not be worth doing. It’s not that it wouldn’t be nice to have both, but having both for a very small segment of the population might not be doable for every group.

@Celoptra, you’re an adult. If you want a phone you can get one and your dad can’t stop you. If you don’t want a phone, fine but sometimes not having a phone will make your life more difficult.


the cost of printing never seem to be a problem for this travelling company in the past pre-Covid despite them travelling across Ontario. It’s starts on Wolf Island and it goes to Kingston, and then it goes to Bonmaville, then Oshawa, then three Toronto days, St. Catherines’ then three days in Missaguia, then Kitchener, then Ingersoll, Orillia, then (my town), then Pickering, Wasga Beach, then up near the Kawartha Lakes, then in Peterbough, then in Coburg, then in Quinte West, then in West Lake, then in Napaneee, back to Wolf Island, then Marmora, then in Port Perry, then two more nights in Toronto, and then four nights in Burlington, Ontario. And the tour is over

Mom gets the news about the travelling touring company from her emails we been supporters for awhile and she didn’t know until she was looking up what time it started the day before (Monday) that the play was a Henry IV and Henry V combo. Since all she knew from the email only said “Henry V” so that’s what she wrote on the calendar so that’s all I was expecting was only Henry V. Not also Henry IV.

What used to be doable is not said to be doable forever. If it’s working on donations I guess they always look for ways to cut on spending, and this might have been their moment to decide to cut on printing costs.

In case you didn’t notice, the past year a lot of things have gotten A lot more expensive. It effects theaters like this as well.