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Since we’ve talked about Disney and Netflix I thought I’d start a thread about AMC+. I’m currently making my way through the Chucky series. For those who don’t know the main character in the show is a 13 year old gay boy. I am a huge Child’s Play fan and I finally got around to watching this. I’ve gotten through the first season and I’ve loved watching the relationship develop between him and his boyfriend.

The funny thing is I tried watching the Interview with the Vampire show and I couldn’t watch it due to the main characters being in a relationship. I think it’s partly due to me comparing it to the movie version. I never read the book but maybe it they were gay in the book.

Anyone else watch these shows?


The book is 100% a gay romance, even if they don’t actually have sex because they’re vampires and sex doesn’t matter anymore. Louis and Lestat are super dysfunctional and not a good couple, but they’re absolutely a couple and even adopt a child to try and save their relationship.


Thanks for that. So they watered it down for the movie.

Been a while since I’ve seen the movie, but the book is all subtext. No one ever comes out and says they’re a couple, but all of the beats are the beats of a romance.


I think it’s kind of the same thing in Chucky as it is in the show Willow. You get the character development and the evolvement of the characters and their relationship on a gradual basis rather than what happened in the Interview with the Vampire show.

I had the same problem with Harry Potter fanfic back when I read it. I am not one for gratuitous sex in a book or movie or story without background. That’s one thing I don’t like about a lot of horror movies. Yet as we see with A Quiet Place you can have a good horror movie without sex or cursing.

Yep. It’s written as a very messy romance - there are some changes from the book to the show, but largely good or interesting ones I think.

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