AMBIU for being a bit jealous I couldn't eat any of the snacks at snack time for the last four days OR have a "cold item" at today's Pizza lunch?

I have worked at Bible Camp for 18 years it would have been a full 20 had there been Bible Camp the last two years. For 17 out of the 18 years I could have whatever snack was being offered for four out of the 5 days but this year because of Covid, I couldn’t. All I could do is have juice at snack time. And on Fridays they get Pizza lunch for everyone (the kids, the youth and the adult helpers).

Now they also have what I can only call “ice cream cups” for the kids and youth and adults to have but there wasn’t enough for either the youth so some of them had to take a popsicle and some had to take ice cream sandwich. I got none of those options at all. I couldn’t get anything cold till after I got home at 4:25pm. And I was being really cranky about being hot, tired and thirsty. And I was jealous of the fact I couldn’t eat any of the snacks offered all week and I usually can if there’s any left over.

AMBI for being jealous…?

I wouldn’t say you’re being unreasonable. I’d be annoyed too in this heat without something cold. But it also doesn’t sound like it was done maliciously. It sounds like whoever is in charge of ordering snacks needs to plan better so there’s enough to go around. Better to have too many than not enough.


As far as I know there’s not one person whom orders the snacks or cold items. Other assortment of adults donate the snacks and cold item for after Pizza.

Heck the first day of camp there was only like 11 cans of juice. Mom had gotten 24 on Sunday after they assembled the stage, and I had to make two trips to the store to buy 9 cans of juice for two different days (Tuesday which I was goin to the store anyway to get cheezwhiz it was on sale and also yesterday for today’s pizza lunch)

All I could have this year at Bible Camp was juice at snack time, the youth lunch (which every day I was fretting about if there was going to be any for Mom and I), and Mom’s leftover cookies for Food to go people.

What’s the reason you’re not able to eat the snacks? Are there not enough left over or are you not allowed to eat them for some reason?

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I think it was mostly the “eatting around others” reason but there also wasn’t enough for the whole camp… Especially when they wanted the leftovers for the Park which was yesterday. So the only thing I ate for four days was the Youth Lunch and Yesterday’s Pizza but I didn’t get a cold item yesterday until I got home after 4pm. I could have a glass of juice though at snack time because I went into another room to drink it.

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