AMBIU about someone complaining about Paralives' business?

I’m not sure if anyone but myself on here play Sims. Nor if anyone is aware of Paralives. Paralives is an upcoming in development Canadian Life-sim game. Is going to have Open World, Seasons and Cats, Dog and Horses in the base game, as well as having Create a Style/colour wheel.

And it’s supported by Paterons on Pateron website/platform. So that there’s some posts that can only be accessed by Paterons until it’s (maybe) is unlocked by the indie Devs making the game. Like the other week (Canadian Remembrance Day Nov 11) the devs unlocked a post from July on the pateron site about “making a chair”. And also while it’s locked the Paterons can’t discus it with the non-Pateron public so like on the discord they can only discuss it in the Pateron only channel or I guess PMs or messages on Reddit it. I’m assuming that means they can’t discuss it on a site (even on a thread like the simmer’s) like Sims forum.

Some months ago (March) on the Sims forum one simmer made a thread and poll asking “whether we’ll be buying Sims 5 or Paralives (2021)” But in the months since she made the thread, she been acting like “there’s name for her which isn’t used in polite society outside of a kennel” complaining about not seeing bacon animation or anything about simulation. or “they’re too focused on build mode” I keep reminding her that games take time and she thinks its “easy to make a game” or “they’re promising too much” or “the game will never come to frustration” or any other thing she complain about.

I pointed out the chair post that Non-Paterons like me only saw on Nov 11.

If the paterons are on discord or Reddit. they’re obliged to keep quiet about those kind of facts until the Devs unreleased it to the public. Like I said before, they saw the chair post on July 5th and had to be quiet about it until two weeks ago. The only way they could have talk about it is if they’re in the Pateron channel in the discord. I don’t know if the rule apply for other places (ie: here) but I would assume so.
It’s kind of like how back when EA did testing for new packs and the people who were able to go to it to play the game/pack had to be quiet about it for a certain amount of time ?

and this is what the OP said back to me

The problem as I see it is that chair tutorial was months ago, spring or summer, I can’t remember, but long, long before the chalet video went public*. The ‘public’ thinks oh, wow, look, that’s new…no they did this months and months ago. There is nothing new about it nor is it part of Next Steps that never appears, much like the Great Pumpkin.

Yeah it might be old news for a pateron like HER but for non-pateron like myself it’s new. She’s like literally raining on non-paterons’ parade.

She’s so much acting like a female dog she’s reminding me of myself and why my parents literally “walking on eggshells around me and don’t ask me to do stuff because they don’t know if I will explode” And since she keeps bumping up her thread by responding by me and others and she’s been complains for months. four months and counting.

I had tried to defend the Paralives’ Devs and I had tried to ignore her for some months but she’s keeps dragging me into it. I mean I just wish that the mods on Sims forum would lock simmer’s thread so that the rest of us don’t’ have to put up with her … anymore

Question: if someone says that you’re being unreasonable, then are you going to fight with them and yell at them with capital and/or bolded letters?


Answer: yes.

Do you actually see what you say? You try to ignore her, but obviously fail. At the same time, you accuse CJR here for not ignoring you. Double standard? Bratty?

Are you saying that this other person, who is acting like a “female dog”, reminds you of yourself? Because I don’t see any other way to interpret that sentence.

Also, she is correct. The chair tutorial is not evidence of a recent focus on animation because it’s not recent. If the devs made it months ago, then the animation doesn’t mean they’ve been doing animation stuff recently.

In the other thread, you tell people who you believe dislike you to stop responding to “your” thread. So… why are you still responding to her thread? If you believe that the person who makes the thread gets to say that people who disagree can’t post there, then why are you allowed to post in her thread if you disagree with her?

Seriously, you can stop responding to her and then she’ll stop talking to you. Then you don’t have to put up with her anymore. Better yet, if the site allows it, then block her.


Well I’m just sick and tired of the OP of the thread in question being unreasonable for months. She started complaing a few days before my b-day on June 16th.

First complaint about “its like the Great pumpkin” from Charlie Brown movie

I’m starting to lean not getting it either. I voted I didn’t want to abandon Maxis but might have to if TS5 is multiplayer. I have been supporting Paralives and I’m not too enthused lately with the work seeming to be all about build mode when I know people desperately want to see some gameplay updates. It’s like that great pumpkin story all over again. If I wait long enough I might see the Great Pumpkin. People who support the little indie team want to see gameplay elements. So far there hasn’t been anything (shown to Paterons) but more updates to build mode, objects and or particular lots they build. That’s all good and fine and sure things needed tweaks etc. however, I think it’s about time Paralives shows more than just build mode before some of us start dropping out/opting out of our support for them. Call me jaded already…lol, snake oil.

next post of her complaing on June 30th:

I promise to update this with any new information about either game if we get any more details for them. Unfortunately, there is nothing new much about Paralives other than their last video about build mode…again. Nor nothing as exciting about any type of gameplay secrets and or object secrets and or anything. It’s all been about the build mode for months it seems. And of course, nothing about TS5 at all, other than our own speculation of what it might mean for the future of The Sims when we read CEO and other people’s interviews of where they want to take The Sims in the future and or newer job positions open for it. Nothing really from either one. :confused: Don’t they know, you have to strike the iron while it’s hot or they lose fan interest and maybe no return.

July 1st

This is all true…about the discussions and what they think about doing, but as of yet, they don’t show much more than build features even to patreons nor confirm that yes, this, this or this will be in the game. They have been much more transparent this is true and to the general public, too. However, the game is still in ‘pre-alpha’ after three years of work, and trying to get more developers but really I’m starting to believe this is all about just prototyping a game in the Unreal engine and selling that info (from donations) and that be the end of it. I’m staring to doubt the validity of it. But maybe because I’m impatient. lol

July 15

The latest news is they are working on character creation builds etc. I could have sworn they had already done a lot of that a few years ago or last year. Without giving anything away of the details yes, a lot of us want to see some improvements about all that…however, it seems we never get any news about gameplay, path finding, routing etc. Which was in their time line months ago. :frowning:

I think I can report a producer left and well there is that.

July 17 she really started to get agited about Paralives “not showing anything but build mode”

I’m a little aggravated today. I checked what this week’s news was about that is happening with Paralives. More details about buildmode. I love building and creating things in these games. Once I built a lot and dug a hole, and had my Sims go there as part of an Indiana Jones sort of dig. I had torches and hidden objects down there. Up top was a jungle full of trees and bushes. It was no easy task for the Sim to get down into the dig. It was great. lol I love detail in building to make something even if just a room, as immersive as I can get it. However, another week, week after week and nothing about gameplay or jobs or any traits confirmed or any ‘action’ at all. Paralives would be great as building simulator, I love to build but I play a life simulator for the life, I might have to give up on both these games if one is an MMORPG and one is a building simulator. Because that’s all the news there ever is so far.

July 20th

No one is rushing Paralives’ team. But many people in this thread several pages back are supporting this game with their monthly contributions, Including myself. We don’t demand Maxis show us anything because we aren’t funding them. They are an actual business, no one but share holders (some on this site are share holders) get the inside news, like profits and losses etc. and a broad roadmap of what might be planned, but never the sticky details> Such as gameplay, type of characters etc. Shareholders get a general idea of what they plan and time frames etc. for release and more broadly what type of game. That’s about it.

People who are supporting paralives realize it’s not a ‘company’ it’s a team of people doing this as a team and sharing the profits from those who are paying a monthly fee. And it’s still remains facts that not much as been disclosed to any person about what has been finished or polished up as far as any path finding, routing and or gameplay and interactions between Parafolk and the ‘world’. Nothing is being reported to any of us except build mode and some modding options. That’s all great, we all want curved walls and loft apartments, and terraforming**. However, the roadmap was posted they would be working on path finding, animations, interactions, and character development…right now this summer. However, what has been shared so far is more build mode details to add immersion to buildings.** That’s all I can report without leaking.

It would seem if they were working on path finding, animations, character development and gameplay (in their roadmap this summer) they might want to share some of it, before we all bail out. It’s possible to prototype a game for another company and this one never happen. That is how the Unreal engine is used by many people who prototype games then the bigger companies use those prototypes.

July 21:

You know that gamechanger’s videos of Paralives was the reason I started supporting this little Indie game. They can thank him for getting more people to fund them. But you are right the hype in those ‘news’ videos he does got a lot of people to expect more and fund them.

Everybody supporting the game know they aren’t seeing anymore special stuff any more than what is released to the public a few weeks or month later. (If they are paying attention). The things patrons get to see are soon shown to the public not much later so yeah, there has been a tremendous amount of hype.

Such as we were shown the modular couches and that info was released like a week later (I don’t remember) to the public and viola EA has it in their game and released before the month was over. ( TS4) That coincidence was uncanny since both would have been working on their couches at the same time. Odd. Or is it? lol :o Both would have taken a fair amount of time…at the same time…interesting. lol

I might be the only one who found that extremely interesting. lol Like how would two different companies (teams) be working on the same project nearly at the same time and one tells the public here look at these modular couches that they plan to add to a future non existing game, and the major company goes ahead and adds some to their game…what? Yes.

But anyhow, the hype might out weigh the truth and just like fandom happens in The Sims, fandom may be a flaw for those of us expecting to see gameplay when really all we ever see is more build mode assets- especially when the time line is supposed to be about other things. I know all this is difficult, no doubt, yes, Paralives has an impressive build mode plan, and impressive assets, and impressive plans about other things, but so far other than some changes to 3D models we aren’t seeing any of that.

If and when they ever show patrons some gameplay or routing and or pathing or interactions with the world I will be the first to scream omg, you guys are going to love it! lol, but there is none of that since March-July (their time line)

July 29

What they work on is very impressive, it is why I knew I would keep up with what they might do next or show next, but as time goes by I really want to see some live animations once they get around to finishing at least something . So far, very, very, very few updates about that.

She did get exictable about the animation look that was shown late July. But after that she went back to complaing again

August 1-2

… Updating the thread as I said I would, this past week no new info about Paralives. Nothing to even speculate about. The update for patrons had no real info to confirm, again. Sad.

August 25

his is exactly what I’ve been saying for weeks now, nothing new to report, brainstorming and discussions are fine, and great to allow interested parties to join in and give their ideas, but really, this has little to do with what is actually confirmed, (if ever) and why some are deciding to walk away and stop supporting since this has absolutely nothing to do with any news about their time line. Discussions are fun dear Paralives developers but people want you to stick to your timeline and show those supporting you what you have actually accomplished.

August 25

A few in this thread dropped out of supporting them. I and a few others I know are considering doing the same. Yes, the people supporting them have grown but some drop out, too. Have you ever thought about this game might not actually turn into an actual game but a way to mod a game? I think it’s starting to look like they may supply some very basic things in a core but the rest has to be done by the public. Yes, they are big supporters of modders but some of us actually want a real game and play it and mod it later. Have you ever noticed everything they do is with a mod in mind? That’s great but what if that is all it ever turns out to be**. Some basic things and you create the rest of it. I don’t know, I think I’m a little disappointed again Friday after Friday to not see any actual gameplay as they promised for quite a while now.**

August 28th

Grateful? We pay to see that, every month. It’s not like they are showing this stuff for ‘free’ is it? Those who want to see something others have to wait to see pays every month for that opportunity. People are paying them to show them what might be possible when someone can prototype a game in the engine. It doesn’t mean any of that will ever be in the game.

August 31st

… The recent Friday update is absolutely not confirmed to be or will be in the game as per their update. That is the type of info patrons get to find out. So, you aren’t missing a lot. Most info is experiments to see how to do things even you or I can do if we wanted to try. Please, don’t think I’m any more informed than you are. Because we aren’t.

The promised list of things on their site to be said to be in the game we haven’t seen….and may never because 99% of it hasn’t even been started. This all might sound negative, and unsupportive but I want people to know Facts. The fact is what is shown to patrons isn’t really any more information than what is shown to the public. Don’t believe hype. Wait til the game is finished before you believe all that list. I learned my lessons with Maxis when there weren’t all life stages in TS4, and or pools, and or cars, and so much more etc. that they said would all be in the game’s base when released in their original interviews. This is no different. As I said before Paralives is a good building tool to play around with as far as I can see, but all the other things promised in a list on a site hasn’t even been developed. Someday, I wouldn’t mind building in Paralives, if it gets released, but I’m looking for a life simulator and so far I’m not seeing one from Maxis nor Paralives.

Sept 1st this is when she started to claim that "You can make a game with in 7 days. But I thin kshe’s talking about mobile game not a life-sim game which has build mode, live mode and simulation

I’m sorry but it would help you to know you can develop a game in 7 days in the engine they are using. Just google how to create a game in 7 days. Yes, people can, it just depends on what you want to do with one.

ETA: The sliders they just showed were to help modders if someone wanted to get extreme. Much of Paralives is going to depend on mods and or let’s just say the player will be doing more than the developers. That update was just a week or so ago, so they have already shown the public so it’s just no more than early access of a week most of the time to find out what 'Might" be in the game some day.

ETA: I have watched the game changer who has hyped this game, but just remember that is what game changers do. Eyes wide open is how people should approach things.

Sept 17

I have decided to change my own vote from maybe I might have to bail on Maxis and go with Paralives (that is what I voted in the beginning months ago) to a No. Probably not either one. After today’s update, I feel I can no longer support the game and it’s present state. After a year of waiting to see or hear they were beginning to work on live mode action etc. I feel like I have supported the game long enough to have gotten there (news), (at least started on that part of the game). If people are perfectionists it may take years. :o That’s a good thing I suppose but it’s the end of Sept almost (time line news) and though I can’t speak about what news they did announce today, what I can say is it’s not going to be any live mode action news any time soon.:confused: I wish them good luck in their quest but I feel like others now, it may never happen at all at this pace. I will just forget about it until we actually see a game on Steam. Or Maxis game on Origin.

Sept 18th is when she started to think that “they’re promising too much”

I think most of us in this thread want another life simulator from different companies rather than just one from Maxis. Nothing wrong with that. People could have several and play them all from different companies.

I don’t think fans thought it would be another Sim game but Paralives are the people who made a very long, long list of things that would be in their game which is exactly like The Sims franchise if they include all those things.

They made those promises and said confirmed on their website. Patrons who support them have yet to actually see much at all of that list. It’s no wonder people think their game will be like The Sims since they made those confirmations months and months ago.

Yes**, I can see from the updates they send to patrons they are a different game, which is good but they said all those things on their list were confirmed****. The recent update only gave a laundry list of things they had been working on recently and it has nothing to do with live mode nor anytime soon.**** It’s great they are taking their time but if you only stay in one lane and don’t start to focus on gameplay at some point people will wonder are they building a game and or are people just paying for news of what they do.** That is what the site is about over there. People pay creators to give them some news about what they did. They can charge in advance, monthly and or for each Post. It makes some feel maybe they are just paying for a post every week rather than seeing actual progress. I can tell someone I did this and this and this these past few months but until I show them, they might not believe me. I really wanted this game when I watched the game changer talk about all the build mode possibilities and did support them. However, after understanding what we pay (it does not fund a game it funds posts) I might have to reconsider. If they have worked on any live mode gameplay they aren’t telling patrons nor showing them (maybe top tier supporters get to see that?) and aren’t working on it according to their own updates…so, I think I will just wait until I see a finished game now that I understand funding. I really want them to succeed and I want Maxis to build a super TS5 we can all love but I’m at the point I don’t think either are going to happen. It’s like when I sweep a floor, if I only stay on that part of cleaning my house, nothing else is going to get done. Focus matters. People working on different disciplines matter. If people only stay on one thing (with many sub things) then a game never gets formed.
But like in Maxis case if I was supposed to sweep a floor but decided I needed to do something that would get me praise but no floor swept, then that is just as bad. I don’t think either are going to fill a slot for a new life simulator more in style with the old The Sims. (About the Sim) If people play all four games they know but may no longer care, The Sims was about the Sim and it’s experience with life. Good or bad. The later games though many great things in all four are more about goals for the player rather than the Sim, and more in recent years about the player rather than the game. So, in a bad analogy it’s like one game is sweeping a floor to death, until there is a hole in it, and the other is not sweeping at all and only working on the ‘player’ and how to manipulate for money by playing to emotions of the player and by doing that they (player) will miss the floor isn’t swept or be so distracted they won’t even see it, or so emotionally intune they won’t even mind anymore.

Sept 26th
Update, we wait to see if they actually get to live mode action/animations/and gameplay which is supposed to be what they will work on in their timeline if they don’t continue to dawdle in the other areas. Tick tock. Good luck Paralives, I hope they release a beta for those who are interested so they can tell this little Indie company what is good and what is not. But I would guess a beta may never come out within the next few years.

Sept 27th

hope someone might explain that CAS animations are the least desired animations ever for any of these type games. They could skip those if they do them and go on to work on gameplay. :smiley: Players often mod out CAS animations and or in this case Para animations.

Sept 28th (post 1)

I think promises were made that may never get implemented. Brain storming is fun, however, there are no animations for interactions, gameplay, Parafolk or anything else….What has been worked on is the Parafolk maker, and building mode, noted in updates and in things that were also made public. Not leaking anything just stating facts the public also knows.

I don’t know, I’m not a game developer but it seems to me before you work on a character you might want to get the animations of what that character can do under your belt before you start detailing a 3D model or making clothes, or working on details of furnishings and or walls and floors etc. I think all that might come later unless you are a huge company like EA/Maxis with many teams. But in this case it’s sort of backwards. I mean shouldn’t game people at least have a basic animation discipline of their stand in model so they can flush out all the animations? maybe??? Especially if you are a very tiny team…unless you aren’t building a life simulator but something else…

Sept 28th post 2

… I don’t know how long would you go on with this adventure if you were paid to have fun with a free game engine? without ever producing a game of any consequence. Just musing since we also say Maxis doesn’t ever get a big enough budget and Maxis has to pay many more employees, and overhead such as a building and taxes for those employees, and insurance, and either have to bear the cost of buying a game engine and or creating their own. 60,000 Discord members, too, free advertising, and a free game engine without any overhead just a group of people making money, it’s not hard to understand why some want to create crowd funded projects and why it’s not hard to understand why some remain skeptical and wonder is it real or ever going to come to fruition

there’s more

First of all, posting all of her posts was unnecessary.

Second, she doesn’t sound unreasonable. She sounds disappointed and annoyed because she invested money in a game, expecting certain things because of the developers’ promises. The developers are not following the roadmap, meaning they’re not following through on their promises. It’s not unreasonable to be disappointed and annoyed if people aren’t following through on their promises.

And calling her a “female dog” because she’s disappointed is not okay.


But until she defunded her part of the project she got to see stuff as a pateron that me as a non-pateron can’t see. Like the Dev chair. She got to see that on July 5th. I on the other hand didn’t get to see it until Nov 11th. So basically when I told her that she said “its old news” and non paterons like me shouldn’t get excited about it. So it’s like she’s raining on the non-paterons’ parade in a figurative sense. Because it’s something new for us.

Yeah as she keeps saying it “only cost $3” to support Paralives on Pateron. But not when you have a cheap father like mine. Who wouldn’t let me support it and if I was to support it it would have to be through a parents’ credit card since I don’t have one of my own and Dad’s worried about being able to cancel it after a bit even though supposedly its “very easy to cancel” from Pateron.

PS there’s not really a blocking option there’s a “mute” and “ignore” option. I used the ignore one on @CJR already. I realized at the beginning of the month that the forum’s format is identical to that of the Nation Novel Writing Month’s forum.

And she said that it’s old news in the context of a discussion of whether the devs are currently working on animations. If the animation is not new, then it’s not evidence of the devs working on animations recently.

And I meant blocking on the Sims forums, or whichever site you’re talking to her on.

there’s no blocking option on the Sims forum or none I seen. There’s an ignore but no blocking option. I just wish the moderators on the Sims forum would just close the stupid thread of OP’s already it’s annoying she’s so disappointed. I mean yeah I understand why she’s annoyed. I would like to see update above ground pool and I haven’t but I’m not complaing about it am I?

Looks like blocking, or at least ignoring, is possible there. Though the thread is a few years old, so they might have changed things. For some reason, the site isn’t letting me log in.

I don’t remember how long you were waiting for your computer’s funding. It was in May that you submitted the request for funding, right? And since you got the computer in the beginning of November, it’s roughly the same amount of time since she started her thread. During that time, you were upset that you weren’t getting your computer. You posted a lot about how disappointed and frustrated you were about it. If you were able to do that, then why shouldn’t she be allowed to post about her own disappointment?

And yeah, sometimes I wish certain threads on certain forums would go away. Or that I could hide them so that I’m only getting updates about the threads I care about. But it doesn’t mean it’s unreasonable for those threads to exist or for people to post in them.


Well Mom and I did the two assessments in early May and we didn’t get the Services envelope until Late May. And apparently the funding folk didn’t get my applicants about the funding until the end of June. And they said it would “take up to two months” before we heard back and “they had a large amount of applications to go through”

July one month passes-fine they did say it would take up to two months- but I was having the “computer literally had winter inside of it” problems (ie couldn’t use hotkeys (Crtl+Alt-Delte) or the mouse to get out of the computer when it locked up I could only use the power switch

August another month passes and I’m still having the computer problems whenever it’s super hot out. (and it can be 3degrees hotter in the house library then in other parts of the house).

I think we saw something finally like in Early might have been mid-Sept. We finally heard and then we had to get something from the bank, sign some forms and send it back to them. Then we had to wait a couple more weeks and finally hear back about “being able to use it for computer funding” since like I said its normally an inadmissible expense. And we didn’t get THAT reply until the week before Halloween. And Dad and I got the computer on I think on either 28th or 29th of October but the computer wasn’t set up until Nov 2nd. And I been on it since then

But Mom thought we would hear much sooner then we did from them. And I had wanted to see if I had the same problem with the new computer in 29C + weather like I did with the old computer. But because we didn’t get it during the summer I have to wait until summer of 2022 to find out. Oh and that’s on top of us being worried about if the folks had “cancelled the Covid expenses stuff which is normally inadmissles via this funding” Because we had been told at the pysch appointment-that it would be canceled on June 30th.

And that’s not even counting the fact I had to start the process myself of even arranging the the FIRST step of Pysch assessment because my parents were refusing to do it in the first place. You don’t even want to hear the bullshit, I had to deal with trying to get my parents to start the process. And that was back in Late February I started the process, in March I did the pysch assessment. (And that’s when Mom started talking about getting me a new gaming computer).

It wasn’t really necessary to post all the computer backstory again. But yeah, you were both pretty disappointed because of broken promises for about the same amount of time. Both of you chose to express that disappointment by posting on a forum. It’s kinda similar.

I do understand why you’re annoyed about her thread, like I said before, but I just don’t think she’s being unreasonable. You said yourself that you understand why she’s annoyed.

I mean she literally was claiming like a month ago that two characters (for lack of a better word) were Sims stolen from Sims 4 because the two 'placeholders" looked too simliar to Sims on low setting. Or that Paralives is working alongside EA (Which is about as true as a certain pill for animals can be used for viral yuck). But I understand that the Devs want to make the build mode as polished as possible before they get into the gameplay etc.

Why do her words matter?

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@Celoptra If you’d like me to not weigh in on your AMIBU threads, could you do me the courtesy of not summoning me using the @ tags please? Much appreciated!