AMBIU about needing to reset bike distance?

I went to do the bike we have in the basement of the house. Dad been using it for the last 3 weeks twice a day. He said I shouldn’t reset the distance on the display (but it’s at 64.24 something but it sure wasn’t distance) and I said I wouldn’t be able to tell when I hit ten km (which I didn’t get too only got to 8:05) when he has it so high already without resetting the display distance because my math’s not very good. And Dad got mad at me about that

Get a sticky note and figure out what your target number is before you start riding, and out it on the bike next to the distance. Then you don’t have to do math or remember numbers when riding, and you can avoid the argument.


It’s an excerise bike like this:

The problem I have is thi display:

I prefer being able to see the numbers actual go from 0.00 to 10km. But I can’t do the math if Dad has it at 64.24kim after doing it twice every day for last three weeks. (The math would be 64.24+10) And I don’t really want to do the math on the bike. Besides I don’t want my body to think even accidently that I went 64.24km+ on the bike. I want to do what easiest it for me and for me it’s resetting the bike to 0.

What’s easiest for you would be resetting the bike to 0, and what’s easiest for your dad is keeping the numbers where they are, presumably so he can track his own progress. (Though without a reset, your own cycling will add to the display total and might mess up his own tracking.)

I’d talk with your dad about it, as objectively as you can, focusing on finding a way to meet both your needs here. Maybe you guys can come up with a good compromise you’re both happy with. But maybe not, and if it’s your dad’s bike, the fair thing is for you to figure out how to make his bike rules work for you.

You do have some options there, though. You could buy your own bike that would be yours to control. If you keep using the family one downstairs but can’t reset the display, you could use a sticky note as @Julia suggested, and could even keep a calculator by the bike (or use the one on your phone?) to do the math for you. You could instead put a blank sticky note over the display to hide everything left of the ones digit, so you wouldn’t have to see the higher numbers; if doing that, to get to 10km you’d just ride until the visible display was back to exactly what it was when you started your ride, no math needed. Or you could set a timer and exercise for a specific length of time instead of a specific distance, ignoring the display altogether. Etc.

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I think it’s pretty useless for your father to keep the distance if you use it as well. It’s fair to say you have to write down the distance before you reset it, but that’s about it. So I don’t think you are unreasonable.
Unfortunately, if the bike is your dad’s, then he can make the rules about it. Julie and Bibliovore made some nice suggestions, if all fails, resort to that.


except until recently he rarely even used it. Maybe now and again every once in awhile. I only use it if 1)I get bored with stair exercise (I go between the library steps and the upstairs steps) or 2)its too snowy or rainy for me to go out. I think yesterday’s bike exercise was the first one I did since like late May. I mean yeah Dad brought it with his own money but it’s suppose to be for family use.