All comments getting flagged for frivilous reasons

Is anyone else here experiencing their comments getting flagged as spam/other and getting deleted due to spam, harassment etc?

What is even more annoying is that the report bug is saying that I am the one reporting my comments.

I haven’t had that happen either here or on the site that I know of.

Happened to me yesterday when I tried to edit a typo

At first I thought it was a glitch in the site matrix and waited a few days before commenting again only to see the same thing happening.

Also there is a glitch with posting GIFs and images from our PC that says “images must be 5Mb in size and either .jpeg, .png or .gif. Please make sure that your images are within the limits and try again later.” I know for a fact that all images in my NAR folder are well within the limits specified and they are always getting rejected.

It just happened today on this story with two comments I made, a single word reply (yes) and a normal comment that I took the time to ensure that it not trigger the overly sensitive censor bug on the main site.

That’s weird.

Hey y’all! Is this happening JUST on the main site? We have a reporting form for bugs but I can also pass some info on.

Where? All I see is a way to report stories and issues with stories. Nothing else.

IF there is a reporting form to report site issues, it is well hidden.

Under “FAQs and Contact”, but we appreciate the feedback on visibility.

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my comments being reported as spam started in the past 4-7 days.

This isn’t just the NA* it’s a Discus issue, another discus-heavy blog I frequent was having a lot of the same issues, so you’re better off reporting to Discus itself.

Two of the posts I’ve made in the past couple of days went immediately into moderation. Both included block quotes. One was quite lengthy and I didn’t deem it worth the effort to check if the quote contained a “bad” word, especially given the likelihood that we’ve got some Scunthorpe problem filters. It appears that one was automatically flagged as spam and never actually went through. (I just now reported it as not spam.) The other one was short and contained no bad words that I’m aware of but still went into moderation.

I don’t use Disqus anywhere else, so I can’t say whether it’s just here or not.

apparently it seems to be getting worse and many other users are experiencing issues with discuss.

(Dine, Dash, Bash)

I uploaded the below meme as a comment and it has been flagged / removed as spam.



Four days ago, a comment of mine talking about cheating ex boyfriends got tagged as pending.

Plus I’ve had various other comments removed as spam.


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This comment tripped the moderator today:


Is anyone able to tell if they’re getting hit my the automatic censor or if someone’s flagging them manually? Because I knows I saw @AlienToasterRepairs 's post before it got taken down.

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I think I’ve worked out the problem, but i don’t know if it’s a Disqus problem or a NAR problem.

Each time I’ve had a post flagged it’s because ive posted, noticed a typo/autocarrot issue, and gone back in straight away and edited it. It then gets flagged once i repost it.

@PotatoPercy @SkogKvinne @The_Red_Pen can any of you or your colleagues shed any light on it?

Edited to add:

Nope, it’s probably something else. Just tried reposting the comment (twice), and each time it disappears after a minute. I made no edits to them too!

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I bet @AlienToasterRepairs hit edit straight after posting, and it got taken down after resubmitting.