AIBU, Getting Mad at Costco

A couple of days ago we were going to have a meeting for work and I went to Costco to get some drinks. Here in Hawaii we have a juice brand called Aloha, they come in packs of 6 cans in a ring form and are typically displayed 4 packs to a box.

I mixed a few 6 packs together onto a box and got a few other items before going to the check stand.

When I got to the register they told me that I couldn’t mix and match flavors and they only sold the boxes as one unit.

This is actually highly unusual for a store to do and in addition usually when Costco is selling by the box the boxes are wrapped in plastic so you can’t pull packs out of it, this time that wasn’t the case, there was also no signage in the area, and there were single packs of 6 all over the place from other people doing what I had done.

I told the employees that the products were displayed that way and the person at the register told me “No they aren’t”

I told her “Yes, they are, there are individual packs all over the place and the boxes aren’t wrapped up, plus you don’t have a sign up.”

She goes “No, they aren’t”

And I was like “Yes. . .they are, and since they are displayed like that I expect to be able to buy them as such.”

The bagger at the end of the line calls for a supervisor, when the supervisor arrives he tells me the same thing.

I ask him why he can’t just ring it up as a full box even though the flavors are different and he says that they don’t have a code for that in the computer.

I asked why, then, are the boxes unwrapped and displayed as if you can take individual packs of juice, the cashier buts in and says again, “No they aren’t”

I told them to forget the whole order and f— off with their attitudes and left the warehouse, but, I didn’t make it a block down the road before I pulled a U-Turn and went back inside and apologized to both the Supervisor and worker for losing my cool and being rude to them.

I ended up exchanging my juices and verified everything that I had been saying.


The product was displayed inconsistently with how they expect you to buy it, they weren’t wrapped as a boxed set, weren’t stickered as a box set, the price on the shelf did not denote that they were a boxed set and there was no signage.

The Juice section at this particular location is also at the extreme opposite end of the store from the registers.

No, you weren’t being unreasonable.

I hate when cashiers act like they know every aspect of the store.

The supervisor should have walked with you to the display to confirm.

Kudos for apologizing.


This is a hard one. I kind of see both sides. Yes they should not be accessible and they should have them shrink wrapped if they don’t want you mixing and matching. On the other hand the different flavors probably have different UPCs so they have to know what they have stock wise.