AIBU for getting my own food instead of following the group?

Just a question about a minor incident that happened on Saturday.

My dad was going to show his girlfriend [museum] in town, which is like the city centre of where we live, and asked my sister and I would like to come with. I had to go into town anyway to buy some stuff so I agreed so I’d stop putting that off.

On the way there, the only reason we didn’t lose the two of them was because they had to wait at traffic lights and we managed to catch up in time. Compared to the night before when I took my sister to the pub, my dad just said they weren’t waiting for us and would meet us there. (I didn’t really want to be there, but it meant she could go home earlier since otherwise she’d have to wait for dad and girlfriend to decide to go home.) On the way to both those places I was holding my sister’s hand so I didn’t walk too fast and leave her behind.

After we left the museum, dad and his girlfriend started walking somewhere and I was doing my best to follow them. It got to the point where they reached the end of a street and turned right. When I reached the end of that street, I was far too out of breath considering how young I am. I saw dad and girlfriend at the edge of a forming crowd. But my sister was still halfway down the previous street. So I waited for her because I didn’t want to try and keep track of them when I wasn’t sure if my sister would be able to keep track of where I was.

When she did catch up, I suggested we just go to a mcdonalds since I had vouchers for it, I had no clue where dad and his girlfriend were off to, and it was just a couple buildings away. While in the queue, my sister got a phone call from our dad. When she told him we were at mcdonalds, he sulked because he’d been planning to take us somewhere for lunch. But I didn’t know that! Later my sister was expressing curiosity as to where he would have taken us, which made me feel a little bad for just taking the easy option that is fast food.

The weird thing is that dad never sulked at me directly for deciding to split up early, so I’m not sure if I’m making a huge deal out of nothing here.

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From the information you’re giving us*, I think you did the right thing.

Your dad didn’t seem to care it you and your sister were able to keep up, sounds like he wanted a nice outing with his girlfriend. I’d probably would have done the same

*We only see your side of the story, this one might sound different depending on who tells it. Your dad could argue that you should’ve called etc etc.


Just remembered the phone call was immediately after my sister said she was going to text him, though to his point of view he wouldn’t have known she was about to do that.


I just re-read your text a bit more carefully.

Just like the outing with your aunt, that you wrote about a while back, this sounds lika a communication problem.

Your dad wanted to show his girlfriend around, you came along to do errands. Maybe he just wasn’t paying much attention to you two, because he thought you were doing your own thing. He did call when he noticed you weren’t coming (maybe they waited around a while first, to see if you would catch up).

It would have been better to make a plan before setting off. It would have been better for you to call before going to McDonald’s. It would have been better to just be clearer about the day.

I don’t think it’s a huge deal, but I still would have reacted similar to you. This is not necessarily a good thing, I’m grumpy when I’m hungry, and I would probably internally be more annoyed about the situation than called for


No I don’t think you’re unreasonable for getting your own food. Your dad’s is being unreasonable because 1)he was going way to fast with his girlfriend, and 2)not telling you his plan.

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