AIBU for calling bad customer in the story "blob"?

So I read a story in NAR about bad customer who is in the larger size and get angry because the number she wants doesn’t fit her size (sorry I’m too lazy to provide the link). After that I typed in my response calling that bad customer a “blob”. And much to my surprise, somebody is “getting offended” because she identify herself as a blob. I mean, what the heck ? This is getting ridiculous. How come somebody identify as something that can be use as insult ?? It’s like setting yourself up to get offended everytime!

But I want to know what do you guys think. Am I the one who is being unreasonable / insensitive, or this commenter who is trying too hard to find reason to get offended ?

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There’s a lot of assumption going on in your comment; just because someone is on the larger side of normal, doesn’t mean they’re “bloblike” or shapeless.

There are styles of trousers where I can’t wear the “correct” size for my waist, because the thighs are too narrow. Then you have people like Brian Shaw (4 times winner of World’s Strongest Man) who aren’t particularly slim, but it’s solid, toned, well-shaped muscle. Or, Olympic Medallist, Raven Saunders, who took Silver for Shotput at the Tokyo games; not exactly a size 00, but she’s hardly “a blob”.

That, and… well, womens’ sizes are highly inconsistent. Both of these pairs of jeans are sold as a US size 12 / UK size 16:

Not to mention, US sizes are constantly shifting; Marilyn Monroe used to be a size 12. Nowadays, that exact same size is called an 8. Simply being used to a more “modern” shop could result in them expecting a lower number to fit them. And then there’s vanity sizing, where the numbers get shifted even further than the official/industry standard, to make people feel better about themselves.


Yeah, we have a lot of those snowflakes lately in the comment sections. It’s getting borderline ridiculous.

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It’s why I don’t bother commenting. I prefer forums as you’re more likely to have a reasonable discussion rather than being swarmed.

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Yes you are being unreasonable. You deliberately called somebody a hateful insult, so I don’t know what else you were expecting. But I have absolutely no sympathy for you.

I did not deliberately called somebody a hateful insult. It’s just an expression of anger toward a bad customer. It’s not my fault that somebody choose to identify herself to an insult word that suddenly make her like I’m targeting her.

It’s like I’m saying “That bad customer is a piece of sh**” then somebody choose to identify herself as “sh**” and then proclaim that she’s offended.

Identifying as a blob does in fact sound ridiculous. But blob is an insult directed at a fat and “shapeless” person - as in, you’re insulting based on a physical feature, not on the actions or behaviour of the customer in the story. So I think you were a bit unreasonable, and whoever responded on the comments wasn’t very clear on explaining why.

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Wow, so people would less offended if I call them piece of sh** instead of blob ? This is hilarious as even insult word now has the degree of offendedness. When my point is basically just showing my anger against unruly behavior of this unnamed bad customer, not singling out any specific person. But I guess since this is 2021 people just want to get offended at any time and choose the ridiculous way to get it.

Interesting comment, coming from someone who received criticism on their word choice, proceeded to post about it on the forums in order to rant about people getting offended, and is still complaining about it a week later. Just saying, you sound like you’re looking for an excuse to get offended over other people getting offended.

But seriously, focusing on someone’s weight over their behavior makes it look like you have something against that rather than the behavior. Suppose I wanted to show anger about someone being a snowflake. If, in the course of the insult, I called them a rude word for people with big ears, it would look like I’m biased against people with big ears and want an excuse to complain about that. As if the behavioral complaints are, at least in part, the result of me looking for an excuse to be offended because their ears have already offended me. Why else would I bring up the ears in a complaint about their behavior? That’s how it looks, no matter your intention: complaining about someone’s weight while you’re discussing unrelated behavior makes you look like you’re being a snowflake about someone else’s weight.

At the very least, it’s ineffective communication because it distracts from the real purpose. So was the other person’s complaints, because the ridiculousness of their wording (identifying as a blob) was enough to completely distract you from what they were trying to say (that you look like a jerk saying that). So yeah, both of you were unreasonable. Yet I doubt the other person even remembers the exchange at this point.


Seriously ? Now you’re calling me snowflakes and jerk ? I’m explaining my side of opinion and you retaliate by calling me names ?? This is like you saying “your opinion is wrong, here is my opinion that is right and I’m insulting you to show dominance”.

And you make a baseless assumption about me, calling me for having something against people’s size, which means you don’t even know what actually happenned (did you even read my original comment at all??) and you just want to make assumption based on nothing! Why ?? Just want to play judge on the internet ??

The story is about bad customer who the author of the story describe as having a plus size (which means I’m not the one making assumption about this bad customer’s size) and demand a clothes several numbers below her size who clearly not going to fit her. But she insist and when it didn’t fit her, she blame the author of the story for making the false numbering. As you can read, the story is about the customer’s body size. So I don’t think I make the wrong insult like insulting ears or other unrelated body part. And like I have said so many times before, I DID NOT TARGET ANYONE PARTICULAR!! JUST THIS BAD CUSTOMER WHO PROBABLY MIGHT EVEN BE FICTIOUS IF THE STORY IS JUST A MADE UP STORY BY THE AUTHOR! (we can never be sure that any story in this site is a real story anyway, unless it was a big incident that some news media caught it and we can find the news link on the internet)

But whatever. If you people want to claim that no matter what body size is taboo to be insulted, just like race, disability, and sexual orientation then whatever. Be my guest. It’s 2021. Woke.

You sound offended.


Well you blatantly insult me, and you’re surprised ?! What kind of person are you.

I mean, your previous post basically said “I didn’t target anyone in particular, apart from the particular person I targeted”. Which is an oxymoron.

This being on top of assuming that A) the customer wasn’t simply looking for a size that they normally got in a different store, which was numbered differently in this store (see image I posted earlier, about how wildly sizes vary), and B) assuming that “plus size” meant “shapeless blob”, rather than simply “non-anorexic”.

Remember, the USA counts “plus size” as “size 12 or larger”. Model Emilee Peer is considered “plus size”:

Does that look like a “blob” to you?


So you’re saying it’s perfectly reasonable to be offended when someone uses insulting language?

Would you also say it’s reasonable for other people here to stick up for you and scold me for my language?


Extremely unreasonable. You might think being overweight is bad, but that’s between the person and their doctor… not for you to start throwing insults at people.


Here’s the thing. You made it personal. You personally attacked someone. That is not on.
By doing so, you lowered yourself to the bad customer’s level AND you spread the vile hate to people who don’t deserve it.