AIBU for being upset about having to explain why I asked for an old (lost) story to be reposted?

Today the brunch-time-is-crunch-time story got reposted finally.

People are complaining about it being a repost and 2 people had a cow about either me having a “negative attuite” while explaining to people that the original is lost and ALL you could find is “Page not found”. The other thing someone is Complaing about is me “crying” about it when all I was trying to do is you know? Trying to *** explain the reason for the repost but the person don’t want to *** listen.

Am I been unreasonable for being upset for having to explain about why I asked for a lost story to be reposted?

I feel like I shouldn’t bother with how many *** people are having a *** cow about it being a *** repost. So I kind of upset to the point I wish I hadn’t asked for it to be repost

(I deleted my comments from the one troll)

Campaigning to have a random older story re-uploaded is a bit odd but not a problem. Not sure why it does but it seems important to you.

Commenting explaining you were the one to get the story back is not neccessary but also not a problem imo.

Making the same comment explaining the story was deleted over and over to each commentor individually is a bit unreasonable. Just make your comment and leave it be. Reposting comments on a reposted story is a bit much.


The original version is lost and since it’s a good story I wanted it back on the site but people are complain to the point that I wish I hadn’t asked for it to be reposted. Especially Elphie’s attiude and a troll.

So I feel like I have to explain on everyone’s whom says its a repost. Heck Elphie didn’t even want to listen when another commenter said the original was deleted, lost, whatever from the site.

At least some people cared like Zeus and ADABlackCat since they liked some of my comments which are explaingin the reason

Its a mildly funny story on a silly website. Is it really that important that it got lost? Its not like its the secret of cold fusion or lost homeric works.

I just dont get why you think this is a hill worth dying on. With either getting it reposted in the first place or trying to “correct” all the comments complaining about the repost. Just leave it.


well if it wasn’t for me it wouldn’t have gotten reposted. There are several people like Zeus who liked the story. And there are people whom had been reading the site since 2007 before comments, etc and they never saw the story before today. I liked the story as well and I wanted it back but now I wish I hadn’t because of people’s attitudes either about it being a repost or being mean about mean

I’ll be blunt one of the reasons you’re getting push back is not only because you keep repeating yourself, but also you expect people to play messenger to people you block and have blocked you.

When people hit the block button, the message is loud and clear: “Do not contact me ever again.”


It seem like some people are screaming “Repost!” without reading the comments first. And it’s not just people I blocked but people I didn’t block. And one person claimed they had read the comments and still screamed “repost” about the story.

So that it feels I have to explain it to everyone whom screams to the heaven it’s a repost why I wanted it back. To the point I wish I hadn’t asked for it to be reposted.

And Elphie’s comment hurt my feelings. And someone whom I figured out was troll claimed I was crying it hurt my feelings.

If it’s the comment that I’m thinking of, the person didn’t “scream repost”. They said that it should be labeled as a repost, which is not an unreasonable request. There was no screaming evident in the comment.


There’s some minor whining on that post about how it’s a repost. You are blowing up about people disagreeing with you that reposts are needed.


I’m not blowing up… I’m just trying to explain why I asked for it to be reposted. Blowing up is a totally different kettle of fish.

To most people, you’re blowing up. People disagree with you, it’s not the end of the world.


Yes, you absolutely are. And yes you did blow up. You came off as whiny in your reply to my comment, which was an obvious joke. And you’ve seen before people will show their dissatisfaction with reposts. One comment is fine. Multiple comments is picking a fight.


Why did you ask for the repost apart from the fact it disappeared? Checking the comments I can’t see you explaining why you asked for it, just the usual turdstorm that the commrntariat generate. Is this submission yours or related to family/friends?

She might have hurt your feelings, but she has a valid point. A block is a block, no matter how badly disqus is programmed.

And you had flown off the handle when people try to correct you in the past or attempt to have discussions where they had a different opinion than you do.

You really, really need to step back when you start getting frustrated because all you are doing is getting yourself into a negative feedback loop of getting upset, taking it out on other commenters who respond as most people do when someone’s lashing out at them, and you get even more worked up, wash, rinse, repeat.


Because it was a good story and some people hadn’t seen it despite being around the site for years