AIBU for being Jealous

Ok I need some opinions. On the Vent your frustrations thread I said about my brother and his family going to Disney World and that I’m jealous about it. Am I being unreasonable?

The original plan was for my friends and I to go since 3 of us are turning 50 (I’m the last one to turn 50 this year in our group) and so is Disney. I’m really disappointed that I’m not going. Now they did have this planned a while ago and I thought ok they’ll go before I go but then we’ll able to compare.

But now it looks like I’m not going and I even turned turned off notifications for my sister in law because I don’t want to see their posts.

So am I being dumb? Or is what I’m feeling a bit justified? Wouldn’t make so much a difference if it wasn’t their 50th anniversary celebration.

Are you complaining to your brother about how he’s going to Disney and you aren’t? Are you bothering other people complaining about it? If not, you’re not being unreasonable you’re just being upset that you can’t get in on the fun. Which is a perfectly understandable and reasonable emotional response. Stop beating yourself up about it.


Nope I’m not complaining to anyone. Just feeling sorry for myself. Lol

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Agreed, feeling envy/being cheated by life is understandable, as long as you’re not making the experience for those who did go miserable, you can very well feel sorry for yourself.
That said, wallowing in your misery might be unproductive for yourself, but yeah, I know, easier said than done, especially for an outsider.


You’re not being unreasonable, particularly as you’re not complaining to them, feet stomping or expecting a last minute invite. A little wallowing isn’t a bad thing. Plus we’re all here to help pull you up if required.


Feeling bummed is not unreasonable

Blocking notifications is probably farther than I personally would go but also not unreasonable.

Saying/doing anything to your brother and his family that would make them feel bad/guilty/uncomfortable for going on their trip would be unreasonable.


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