AIBU for being excited about my birthday?

I turn a milestone birthday this year - 50. My parents are throwing me a party. It’s not til june but due to summertime they’re planning it now because of vacations.

My husband turned 50 back in 2019. When I asked him what’s he wanted to do, even saying going out to dinner he said nothing. Ok. So I got him a gift and that’s it.

When my birthday comes up he says no one threw me a party. I said you didn’t want anything done for your birthday.

The other reason my birthday is a big deal is because I was adopted on my first birthday. So it has a doubly special meaning. He thinks I’m too old to be excited about a birthday. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


No. Especially special birthdays like this. And if there already is planning going on, it’s logical the excitement starts early


Thank you. I’ve even started looking for something special to wear. I often don’t have fusses made over me.


Everyone deserves to have a fuss made over them every once in a while! I hope that you have an awesome celebration.

If your husband wanted a fuss, he should have said so. I am the quiet birthday type personally but have no issues making a fuss over SWMBO (if that’s what she wants) for her special day. Ask and you shall receive!


Thank you. I have friends and family members coming to my parents house and then they’re taking me on a trip. :slight_smile: I’m excited.


If a party / fuss is what you want, then I hope you enjoy it thoroughly! :slight_smile:
(He’s being petty!)


If something makes you happy, then you are not being unreasonable to be excited for it.

Your husband sounds a little like me, TBF. I don’t want people to make a fuss over my birthday… I prefer to pretend I don’t even have a birthday… but it does kinda feel sad after the fact when no one acknowledges it.

Does that make sense? Nope. That’s just how weird I am I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


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