AIBU for being a bit pissed off about half and half?

Last night my mother in law came home from the grocery store and said that they had no half and half. So my husband said I’d get some when I went to the grocery store (there are two of the same ones within 10 minutes of each other. I was going to the other one).

I picked up 4 of them I came home to find the following situation:

I said there’s no room for them. She said lay them down on the bottom shelf. Now it’s possible she did go to another store in NJ after we left. But if she did why didn’t she say that? We now have 11 half gallons of half and half. Insane.


If any of the milk does start to go off,you can always use it to make scones. I posted a lovely recipe for cheese scones on here a while back; I’ll try and find it.

As for your question, i can see how you’re annoyed, and you do have a point. But this sort of thing is not worth a prolonged argument over.

So don’t milk it.


Apparently i didn’t post it on the forum, but i have the photos i took of my neighbour’s recipe:


Thank you. I did mention to my friend since I bought some of it I’m going to use it to make a nice Kaluah and cream one of my favorite drinks. I just gotta find my booze. Lol


I hate food waste, so I totally get being super frustrated. Unless you have like… 6 people who drink tan-colored coffee (or tea?) AND are cooking something like a huge Thanksgiving meal there is no need for more than 2 of these.


There are only two people in the house who drink coffee regularly. I drink a latte once in awhile but that takes milk. So yeah I’m not happy. And my mom asks why I don’t have orange juice at home. The reason is there’s no effing room.


This says ultra-pasteurized, which I think might be the same as UHT process (ultra-high temperature), and they still have 2 months until the expiry date. Are you sure this type of milk needs to stay in the fridge before opening?

I’m in the US. It’s in the fridge at the grocery store so I’d assume so.

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This reminds me of the communal fridge at the office I did a work term in. We went through it once, I was more than willing to be ruthless with expired milk/cream. I didn’t sniff it (didn’t need to, it was malodorous), just if it had a date that was passed it was junk. Trust me, milk went off way too easily in that place.

I’m impressed by the length of the expiration dates. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a 3 month out date on anything dairy.

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I thought I saw a 12 month expiry date on a dairy product, until i realised it was actually spelled diary…


You can freeze milk. However, my experience with freezing excess cream and buttermilk is that it curdles, so it is only good for cooking or baking after that. :frowning:

If it’s ultra pasteurized, you can’t make most cheeses with it. You can probably make ricotta, though it’ll probably turn out better if you add heavy cream.

And with the whey from that, you can make brunost (brown cheese). It’s an underappreciated food and doesn’t get much attention outside Norway. We don’t talk about brunost, nost, nost, nost.

Yogurt is possible, though it’ll taste off due to the ultra-pasteurization.

(Ignore the 2% part, you can use any milk including half and half)

It should still be good for ice cream and gelato.
Classic vanilla ice cream:

Chocolate ice cream:

Strawberry ice cream (can substitute the strawberries for equal amount of other fruit if desired):

Vanilla gelato:

Chocolate gelato (use two cups half and half instead of one cup whole and one cup cream):

Fruit gelato (substitute the strawberries with equal amount of other fruit if desired):

And, in most cases, you can find variations with half and half for any recipe that uses milk. Mashed potatoes, french toast, mac and cheese, and so on.


OH! Thinking of what KiannaMcDowell said, you could maybe make up and do some cheese roux or other sauces and freeze them? IDK how well they freeze, but you could try those!

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I really though milk based sauces didn’t freeze/thaw well, but I googled it. Sure seems like they do freeze up well enough because of the fat. The more you know! :smiley:


LOVE a good TMYK.

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