AIBU - bill payment

Customer called, said she didn’t want to talk to the coworker she had been speaking with because customer had said something rude when she thought the coworker couldn’t hear. (Coworker said she was called a stupid f----ing white b-----.)

Auto policy started 5 months ago. Turns out the wrong car was put on the policy. Going through the steps needed to fix it I told the customer that since the initial quote and the premium was based on the wrong car it’s possible that the right car was more expensive and that back premium could be owed.

Customer acts like it’s completely unreasonable to be expected to pay the right premium for the right car. She said it’s not fair. She said it’s a penalty.

I don’t get how it’s a penalty. If you would have been paying more all along for the car is it really a penalty to pay now what you didn’t pay then? To pay now what you would have paid all along? It wouldn’t be a penny more than what it would have been, just spaced out different. And it’s the state insurance fund, insurer of last resort, so it doesn’t matter where she went it would be the exact same premium.

I can understand not wanting to have a big hit. But penalty and not fair to be expected to pay what is owed for that year/make/model?

In my opinion, it depends on how the wrong car was put on the policy.
Was it a mistake on your company’s end and did the customer provide all the correct information when she requested the policy?
Then it sucks to be your company but you guys should be the ones to eat the cost. You would be punishing her for your mistakes, and it is a punishment, you told her ‘hey sign a contract with us and you pay $200 each month’ and now you would suddenly go ‘hey, it’s actually $500 a month, oops sorry’
At the very least you should let her out of the contract without any penalties.

If she provided the wrong info: she gets no sympathy.


A quote is based partially on the car. Wrong car means wrong premium.

She’s free to cancel her insurance at any time. But it’s the insurer of last resort. Where’s she going to go?

And she didn’t check her paperwork in 5 months? She didn’t fix it 5 months ago?

And you would really expect to get a new fancy car at the cost of an older plain car? Where does anyone give the same quote for wildly different cars? Who expects the same price?

So she pays $200 when it should have been $500. It’s simple math that she’s going to owe the extra $300 for each month on top of higher future months.

Insurance isn’t flexible in its price. Everything is regulated. Everything has to be applied impartially, like the premium for a newer fancy car. It’s not retail where a manager with a spine of jelly can change the price. Any change in vehicle or coverages changes the price and those prices are etched in steel.

That $300 per month that needs to be paid is not in addition to what should have been paid. It’s just stacked differently. Basic math.

and not having the company eat the cost of their mistake will lead to companies creating policies based on the cheapest car and then go 'hey guess what? you’re going to pay more we made “a mistake” nudge nudge wink wink '.
It’s the company’s responsibility to have the right paperwork, if someone made a mistake I don’t see why the customer has to be the one paying for it.
It’s not ‘basic math’, it’s the company suddenly deciding to ask for more money without cause.