Adults don't care/Rash subsation

As I mentioned already on here-I would normally go to a day-program in-person. Now one year we decided in the winter portion we would have someone come in and bake with some of us on Thursdays (From this point I’m going to call this person baking lady). Now at the time we had some students who were helping out. One of these students is allergic to nuts. And it also mentions again Leader “B” who I’m not found of

Main story:

This one day the baking lady came in and technically we’re suppose to make chocolate chip cookies but the “baking lady” substituted them with Reese’s Pieces. I did inform the leaders that the baking lady had substitute but apparently none of the leaders heard me-since it lead to “B” saying the cookies are chocolate chip cookies-and that meant (student) thought it was safe to eat. So she ended up having an allergic reaction to the cookies.

And then “B” learned about something that if she had just paid attention a couple of mins sooner it wouldn’t have happened. But she did tell the 'baking lady" off for not checking to see if substitute could be used for baking.

I need a better title then this

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I think the editors do titles but if this is for your own blog, yeah it could be tighter. Puns are good, words with more than one meaning, or substituting a similar sounding word.

Depending on the symptoms (I’m guessing peanut is the problem), I can offer “Adult Don’t Care”, “A Rash Substitution”, “Was Her Face Red!”, and “Do These Cookies Have Epinephrine?”

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“They didn’t warn about allergens and everything just blew up”