Ads covering content

Hey guys, your friendly neighbourhood Snow Fox here again… Don’t worry, I’m not here to complain this time.

I just wanted to bring to the admins attention the ads on the site… Now, Don’t get me wrong, I believe in ads, as they pay for free content on the internet… but that free content is kinda useless when ads cover content… and I’ve noticed recently occasionally a vertical ad will appear right in the middle of the page, and there is nothing you can do with the page except refresh it and hope it doesn’t reappear.

Can something be done about this? Thank you.


Seconded! It occurs for me in Firefox on desktop.


Sounds like the same issue I’m having (mentioned in a different forum a while back) of ads covering comments.


I’m so glad you said this, I thought it was just me!


I"ve had that happen as well lately. Using Chrome.

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That happens to me with Chrome. Usually if i keep scrolling for few seconds, it clears. That is one enormous ad!

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