ABIU yelling in the car to Mom when car windows are open?

If my Dad or my sister (the only two drivers in the family) drives me and Mom somewhere- they have a habit of having the car windows down. So if I’m trying to talk to Mom or ask Mom something (like on the ride home from seeing the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N exhbit in a Toronto mall-I asked THREE times if Mom had LIP stuff with her since my lips were dry. The four or fifth time I had to YELL the question because Mom couldn’t hear me the first three-four times because the windows are opened). And what’s worse is the “driver” hates me yelling.

When Dad got annoyed about me yelling last Sept when we were coming back from Eastern(??) part of our province on a little road trip Mom told him off about that. Today after I yelled in the car my sister got annoyed. I wouldn’t have to yell if the windows weren’t open but it’s hot today.

The guideline I always go by is the driver’s comfort takes precedence. There are exceptions, like if there is an infant in the car, you don’t drive with the window down if it’s blowing a blizzard outside.

The other important thing, which is probably the most important thing for passengers to remember is this:

Don’t distract the driver.

This might be why the drivers are getting cross if you are yelling to get their attention. A distraction at the wrong time can cause a crash.

Having said all that, driver’s should at least be aware of their passengers’ needs and shouldn’t be selfish in their wants and needs over the others. A bit of diplomacy never hurt anyone.

But going to your issue, if them having the window down is a common thing, and you are frequently unable to get their attention, it is probably a good idea before you next go driving with them to have a chat. Explain your issue in not being heard with the window down, and ask them what they would prefer you do if you need to talk to them.


I’m not even talking TO the driver… I’m talking TO Mom who is in the PASSENGAR seat also known as the “shotgun” seat. Like today I was TRYING to ask in a NORMAL voice and tone about if she had any lip balm/gloss for my **** dry lips on the way home. And she couldn’t understand a *** thing I was saying because the *** windows were open in sis’s car until I literally YELLED it the fourth time. And then she got me what I *** wanted.

And I have enough problems with her *** hearing when we are *** at home and she’s always *** blames me for it.

Who got mad at you today when you were yelling to get your mum’s attention? If it was your sister, the driver, then remember what I said earlier:

Don’t distract the driver


You could pass notes… not to the driver though, see above. And you can feel sick reading or writing in a car. It is difficult to talk between back and front seats: both sitting in the back might be better. Or, a telephone.

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But I needed to know if my Mom had lipstuff. And she’s in the front seat next to sis. Since my lips were super dry-when we got in the car. And since I didn’t bring my own lip stuff-I had no way of getting lip stuff except having to yell at Mom.

But last Sept Mom told Dad off because Dad got pissed off with me yelling but Mom said back then to Dad “Well she wouldn’t be yelling if you didn’t have the windows open”.

Yes, but who yelled at you when you wanted the lip stuff. The driver or the passenger?

Notes wouldn’t help since noone had any paper…and phones wouldn’t do any good since only one of us had a phone of any kind: My sister.

sis didn’t yell at me. She just had an angry look similar to our father’s. But at least Dad has an excuse for why he always has the windows open in the car. Dad’s excuse is because HE always over-dresses.

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“Dad’s excuse is because HE always over-dresses.”

Is anyone else seeing this in your head:

Dracula: Dead and Loving It (comedy)

well I mean even in hot weather he will have like 5 layers of clothing on in the car while Mom and I will have maybe 1 layer of clothing on.

It sounds like a job for the bundle buggy. …What do you mean “maybe”? !!

we don’t take the bundle buggy going on “long trips” else where . Ok we might take the bundle buggy if Mom and I are going to my favourite mall (P town mall) or if we are going to the ROM (Royal Ontario Musuem) or going to Toronto ingeneral

I’m reading a lot of frustration towards your parents in your varied posts and threads.

If you act the way you write in this forum, it’s possible that your tone while asking for the lip balm came over as aggressive and demanding, especially if they couldn’t hear you the first time.

I would be annoyed if someone was yelling in the car, too.


But I wouldn’t have to yell if the bacon windows weren’t opened. I mean yeah it was hot out yesterday. Since I had ask mom like THREE different times and she LITERALLY said “I CAN’T HEAR YOU WITH THE WINDOWS OPEN”. So the LAST time I had to YELL for Mom to understand me since we had a hour’s drive back home and my lips weren’t be able to last that long before getting drier.

But I still need bacon lip stuff and the only one who had any ** lipstuff was my MOTHER who was in the FRONT passenger seat of my SISTER’s CAR.

My lips get very dry in the hot humid weather, and also in cold weather. And because of so much talking yesterday in the exhibit and also of wearing the face mask-is it any wonder I needed lip stuff?

I mean at least my sister waits for us to buckle up before starting to drive our father doesn’t.

Oh and having Mom seating in the back seat isn’t a good idea either because it means I’m stuck behind the driver’s seat which I HATE being. Since one time my sister drove the four of us to our Uncle and aunt’s place in another town and since Dad took what was normally Mom’s seat in the front- Mom got what used to be sis’s seat in the back and I got stuck in my old place. At least in that time-Mom was the one who got squashed by someone (normally it’s was me when Dad was in the driver’s seat and me behind him).

I need lipstuff badly if my lips are very dry or else a coldsore might happen on my lips

Odd, I find the mask traps moisture and my face is actually wet under it from my breath----I also always carry my own bacon lip stuff. I rely on no one else.


Welcome to the forum! But due to the exhbit in question-we couldn’t really bring bags (or else I would have taken my backpack) to put lipstuff in and Mom already had lipstuff in her purse. The only place I could have put lipstuff would have been into my Capri pants pockets and when you’re buckled up in a car -it’s kind of diffcult to access the pockets in question.// vs Mom could reach her purse to get lip stuff

Oh man I’d be lost without my bag! So far no one’s challenged it, though it’s close to a backpack. It’s shaped like a pyramid, square bottom rising to a point where the shoulder strap comes off (zippered but I leave it shut) with pockets on three sides and access to the inside under the strap… it holds everything.

I’ve no ideas for how to make your life easier, it’s really sounding like your parents are refusing to allow for the idea that you could grow up, and treating every instance of growth like it’s a personal attack or deep inconvenience…

I mean last year when the parents and I went on province road trip out East in our province- Dad foolishly took an OPEN backpack which still needed to be packed into the car… I mean all the pockets were WIDE open.

But when Dad or my sister have the windows open in their cars-i have to yell to ask mom about lipstuff. But like I said-the only thing i had on was a shirt and capri pants and if you’re buckled up even if I had lipstuff in the capri pockets-I wouldn’t have been able to access it- because of the seatbelt.\

But Dad has the excuse of the fact he’s 100% over dresses for the car summer, fall, winter and spring and always has. Sis doesn’t have the same excuse.

But I couldn’t take a bag with me since according to the FAQ under bags:

We encourage you to leave valuables, large bags and other personal belongings at home. For the safety of our visitors and the exhibit, all bags entering or leaving the exhibit, including purses, are subject to inspection. Backpacks and duffel bags are not permitted in the exhibit.

and my version of a bag is a backpack if I’m going to someplace other then just to a restaurant to get some food or up to the mailbox. . My backpack would have had lip stuff… but I didn’t take my backpack due to the above reason. So the only way I could get lip stuff is to YELL at Mom in my sister’s car since she’s the only who HAD lipstuff that Mom and I use for mosuriting-sp? our lips. I mean I just was out in the pool since 4pm and my lips are dry and it’s 6:23pm.

little update: I finally figure out my “speaking problem” is I kind of I guess do to my hearing problems and not ever being able to speak normal (I was 4 or more years behind in saying words when I was 4 aka only saying baby words) might have an affect on how I speak. And also my autistic problems might also make the speaking level a bit worse? That to me I sound okay but either I’m talking to fast, or I don’t have enough breathe, etc

I’m kind of like an inverted example of the super-hearing cousin from the Encanto movie.

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