A story got deleted or am I banned from that particular story?

Hi all. Not long ago, there’s a story about a mom who managed to get away from breathalyzer because the police test the breathalyzer to that mom’s child and it come out as above limit thus believing that the breathalyzer is broken, but later found out that the child has actually drinking some alcoholic beverage thus the breathalyzer actually correct.

Today, I check my email to see a lot of notification about my comment (I admit to make a comment about how this story is hilarious, however many don’t share the same sentiment with me). But when I click the link, the story is gone.

Now I’m asking what is actually happened here. Is the story got deleted (probably because the content is too controversial, about an underage kid drinking alcohol), or am I got banned from that particular story because too many people got offended by my comment. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

I remember that story. It was the most recent one in Legal, but it’s not there now. No, you haven’t been banned from it; the story has been taken down.

Are you talking about a Not Always… sotry? If so, you can’t be “banned” from a story. If the link doesn’t work anymore, it means that the story got indeed removed by the site editors. There are some like that.
Since Disqus conversations are not coupled to the item they are about, discussion can still go on even if the item is removed.

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I think that was a joke I told in a comment… was it this?

My contribution being: The joke I’m thinking of has a driver with wife and daughter breath tested for alcohol and positive. “Look,” he says, “that’s not right, your machine must be broken. Try it on the kid.” Which the police officer does, and the daughter also is positive. The police officer is confused, and lets the driver go. The moral is, if your kid wants to try rum and coke at the party, let 'em. :slight_smile: In fact do not do this, it very probably breaks many rules… can I make the daughter 35?

I remember a different story where Op’s at a church potluck and a boy wants to drink something two women (Strangers) had brought in. It turned out to be booze which I think isn’t allowed at church events unless it’s okayed with the church?

It’s the sort of story where

  1. People (including myself) pointed out that it was essentially a retelling of an old joke, and
  2. Even if it was true, it heavily implied, if not outright confirmed, that the poster was boasting about doing something illegal

If a story attracts sufficient derision and scorn directed at the Poster, then the Editors will often remove it. This is usually the result of the Poster either being a huge jerk, or (as already noted) doing something illegal.

(This is also part of the reason for comments about Reddit posts, as much as some people dislike the tribalism that has cropped up as a result; there were several stories that got removed for these reasons when they first started the cross-posting, including several where the Reddit version was full of people applauding or congratulating the Poster instead.)

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