A story about my sassy boss

This story happened around 2015, it just randomly popped into my head this morning.

I used to work as a nurse in a hospital and my boss was awesome. She really stood up for us and wasn’t shy to address problems or “fight” for our cause.

The doctors were in a completely different situation. They were all on a rotation schedule, swapping wards every 2-3 months and they were chronically abused by the system in regards of employment, making them hesitant to speak up. They didn’t dare to disagree with the seniors.

We had a very entitled patient, who started to sexually abuse (verbally and physically) the female staff, doctors and nurses alike. He was always making sleazy comments and grabbing butts and boobs. We were all arguing to have him discharged because of this, but the doctors didn’t do it because the seniors didn’t want to.

On the weekly rounds with the senior, my boss addressed the problem and demanded that he was kicked out of the hospital. The senior physician actually said this:

“For all the money he brings this hospital, you should just let him grab you all a bit”

My boss answered, without missing a beat:

"Great, in that case, you can send your wife or daughter in to keep him company "

He shut up after that. He never understood why all the nurses hated him, he never managed to redeem himself in our eyes.

The patient was kicked out later that day, he had grabbed one of our 16-year old intern’s butt and my boss called the police.


You should submit that!


I did, it never got published. Maybe because of the sexual harassment :thinking:

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Funny how attitudes changes when it involves someone close to them.


Maybe, but they’ve published other sexual-harassment stories before. Maybe they’ll see it here and reconsider. :slight_smile:


Where was this, some private hospital, that “his money” is so important? You didn’t work in the USA, did you?

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No, it was in a university (thus public/governmental) clinic in Germany.

This patient came from Saudi Arabia though, there is (or was) some kind of deal between the countries and Saudia Arabia would cover all costs for patients treated in Germany. He was extra flown in because of it. I guess the hospital made more money off him than other patients


I might add that I excluded that part because it might start an unnecessary racist discussion about Arabs/Muslims. The majority of our Saudi Arabian patients were very kind, respectful and thankful.

There are a lot of gropers in the native crowd too, especially slightly senile elderly men


Yeah… there will be some entitled males thinking any female body is theirs for the taking in any group, regardless of skin color/culture.