A solution to this problem should be escalated

This is not my story but my friend’s story. I’ll update when it’s finished. If you want to use it when there’s a resolution to stop people from asking for an update you’re welcome to.


My friend lives in an apartment building on the 4th floor. She’s has problems with her knees which are aggravated by a number of factors. Recently she texted our friend group and told us that her apartment building’s elevator has been out of service for FOUR WEEKS and that it would be another two weeks at least before it was fixed.

I spoke with our mutual friend yesterday and she told me further information. Apparently the elevator hadn’t been inspected for years and they shut it down for safety reasons to bring it up to code. What’s really scary is all the times we rode in that elevator. You can be sure the next time I ride in one I’m going to check the last time it was inspected.

The apartment complex is giving the building’s residents money off their rent but it makes you wonder if it’s the only building with this problem.

And this is a nice apartment complex not one you’d expect this kind of thing to happen in. I wonder if the pandemic had something to do with it?


Entropy is a cruel mistress, and will ruin everything that’s lift without maintenance checks

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I hope they use my title. Thought it was good, no?


I mean it would be nice if supervisors or building inspectors could think of elevators as a necessity for some people. Like because over 80% of disabilities are acquired between the ages of 18 and 64. I mean would they (supervisor/ inspectors) want to either live with a disability in an apartment or have family member with a disability live in an apartment which doesn’t have functioning elevators?

I doubt the building supervisor is doing this, but they should have able-bodied people help out by doing shopping for those like your friend whom can’t go out because of the elevator being shut down.

Not related to the repair times but an FYI. Im not sure where this takes place but atleast in the US safety factors on elevators are actually pretty high. As high as 11 times in some places if I remember right. So even one that is deemed as needing maintenance for safety reasons are still actually pretty safe and technically usable.

Not trying to get into a debate around beuracracy and safety factors but maybe that gives some peace of mind about those times you used the elevator.


Oh she can get out. It’s just a hardship for her going up and down four flights of stairs.

It’s in the US. I’m sure they shut it down due to liability.

Well, i got a rise out of it


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