A Science Museum Mystery

I’m at the picnic area at The Science Museum, and saw this on the table:

The code takes you to this website:

And there is a puzzle on it. It seems to be a load of movie quotes, and some of the characters are in lower-case “earchbars” I’d expect an s at the start, but never mind.

After the quotes is a list of numbers and letters:


Whenever I see BBY I think Before Battle of Yavin, but I doubt that’s the case here lol!

Anyone any ideas?

Not to worry… I’ve solved it, although I’m interested to know if there is a hidden message within those numbers!

I solved SOMETHING, to do with the dentist. No idea what to do with it though.

The numbers baffle me.

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I see now that what I found, you already mentioned in your post :scream:

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I have also apparently solved the mystery. The numbers still confuse me though.

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At least one of the quotes is actually important. It’s actually a cute little puzzle for what they want you to do.

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The last one, right?

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Ooh, I see what you mean now!