A pun story... well, you know the drill!

I submitted this several months ago, but it hasn’t popped up yet. A story I submitted a month afterwards has since appeared, so either it has been saved for another day (can’t think why?) or it won’t be used. Not to worry; I can torment all you Forum readers instead!

I work in a small engineering office. Although we are design engineers, my colleagues, Technical Manager and I are often called upon to help in the maintenance of customers’ machines. They may have bought a second hand machine from another company and they’ll send it to us to repair and overhaul. Not all the machines sent to us are our own, so accessing parts of the innards might not be as easy as our own machines.

The Technical Manager talked the Directors into getting a battery powered Right Angle drill. It’s like your normal hand held pistol-grip drill, but extremely useful where there is not enough space in front of the screws to get the standard drill in; you can access it from the side.

We’ve not had this drill for long, so when Co-Worker 1 got back into the office after doing some work on a customer’s machine, the Technical Manager asked him about it.

TM: “How was the new drill?”

CW1: “Brilliant. There’s no space in there, and this drill did the job”

TM: “I’ve not had the chance to use it yet; I know the guys in Fitting have one on order.”

Me: “You know, it seems odd that a Right Angle drill does a better job than a… Normal one”

CW2 “Huh?”

Me: “Come on, we’re engineers! If something is at right angles to a surface, it’s normal to the surface”

TM: “I’m an engineer, and that one went straight over my head.”

Me: “Well, as jokes go, that one was very boring.”

Insert a collection of groans here.

TM: “That was bad, even for you!”

Me: “It won’t come as a surprise to learn that a phrase I have been using since I was a kid is ‘People don’t laugh at my jokes; they laugh at the silence that follows it’.”

There is a brief and silent pause of about a second, then CW3 let’s out a quiet snort of a giggle.

Me “Case in point”

And with that, everyone burst out laughing.