A Funny/Enlightening Parent Compliment

Didn’t think this warranted a full submission to the site, so figured I would make the post here.

Hubby and I were having dinner out with our daughter a few weeks back, and a lady sitting a few tables away from us came over after she had her meal and said, “I just want to say you two are doing such a great job with her, especially for being such a young couple!”

“Thank you, but what do you mean by young? I’m 30, and he’s 29, I figure that’s a good age to have a 1 year old?”

“You’re 30?? I thought the two of you were 16 or something!!”

I could tell she meant it as a compliment, and we did thank her, but it made me imagine what life would be like if we had had a kid that young, and I know we wouldn’t be doing nearly so well with things.


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