A "Creative" section?

Maybe there could be a creative section. In a few minutes I will be going into my Sims 4 game to see if I can make a few Sims versions of some characters from a different game. And I know I told someone on the main site I would share photos of them…when I get it done. And a “Creative” section could be a place for that. People can also share art work, or something (Paint app or not).


A good idea! I hope such is created soon.

I do have some Paint App art work. But I would have to dig around to find it.
Here’s an example of my “artwork”

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Thanks for sharing. Interested to hear what everyone else thinks about the idea!

A creative section would be great! Where we can share what we’ve made, and maybe ask each other for help.

There’s something I need a bit of help with, so will have to post it in the Let’s Talk section…


I wonder if the Cooking & Creative category suggestions are something that can fall under one higher parent category?

@Stephen If it’s a technical issue, definitely use the contact form to let us know!

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It is technical, but about music theory lol!